Arras: a little corner of the Cité Nature during the holidays

The Scientific Cultural Center is gradually regaining its place in the public consciousness despite some dangers due to the pandemic. It’s the family’s “holiday” outing this February.

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> Rebound after last wave – The approximately twenty Cité Nature employees were spared the virus. ” We took advantage of the closures to set up the latest exhibition, do some planning and prepare for the collection of the Emball’art exhibition, which opens on 5 June. This will be the restitution of a long work done with the Syndicat Mixte Artois Valorisation (SMAV), which takes care of our waste, and schools in the urban community of Arras », Specifies Vincent Lilièvre, exhibition designer. Sixteen schools were invited to decorate a trash can with recyclable items. This will give rise to a reflection on waste recovery. This exhibition replaces Small potato who will be encouraged to emigrate to other cities. ” No more exhibition is designed without thinking about its itinerary. Croc Expo is currently being presented in Le Havre. This provides some revenue, but above all it contributes to the reputation of our center “.

Attendance is rising again – We have found attendance on the weekends. People needed to go out, especially families. With their children, they can enjoy half a day on the 3,000 m2 exhibition areas and the four hectares of garden and vineyard “There is something for all ages.” At the end of the year, the desert exhibition on the ground floor will be replaced by an early learning space for young children. The last Afterwork concert, on January 21, had to be canceled (one of the musicians was positive) as we were sold out. We are still experiencing the uncertainty of the health crisis. School children also return in large numbers, although there are sometimes cancellations of visits “.

> Five exhibitions – Since December 5, the exhibition What do we eat ?, about health and food, has attracted the audience. You can end your visit per Science Boxan interactive exhibition from ten years old, Small potato (which closes on April 24), Sense 5 & + (all public) and Desert (To everyone).

> Extended opening hours – Cité Nature is open seven days a week during the February holidays. 9am to 5pm weekdays and 2pm to 6pm Saturday and Sunday. Admission is set at € 7 for an adult, € 3 for a child.

Cité Nature, 25, Schuman Boulevard and Arras. Such. : 03 21 21 59 59. Group visits and events after reservation.

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