Montigny-le-Bretonneux – Pilou, Narco, Shayze and One, the four dogs of the dog brigade

Now with four dog handlers and four dogs (Pilou, Narco, Shayze and One), the Montigny-le-Bretonneux dog brigade is a real plus for the city’s municipal police. “It was a campaign commitment,” recalls Éric-Alain Junes, deputy mayor in charge of citizenship and security. We wanted to boost a brigade that has existed at intervals since the 1990s. Their versatility is a real plus for our municipal police, both in terms of deterrence and prevention. “

The dog handlers have all the necessary equipment available, including a kennel to park the dogs, equipped vehicles and a training ground near the municipal technical center (CTM). “Like us, they must be in good shape to intervene, train cardio, repeat situations to react as quickly as possible, get used to the heat from cars, etc.,” emphasizes Christelle, dog handler and owner of several dogs. . All this strengthens both the bonds between the master and the dog, but also the unity of the group, for us as for the dogs. We are much more united, we go for walks, swim, etc. »

Christelle, Pascal, Julien and Corentin participate daily in recreating a real neighborhood police force that works against everyday atrocities, in missions with prevention, surveillance, securing public services or roads, at recreational, sporting or cultural events. “Dogs are particularly daunting, especially when we intervene in gatherings. Nearly 50% of people prefer to walk away directly for fear of dog reactions. However, they are not aggressive,” Christelle emphasizes. “They also protect us by establishing a safety perimeter. And believe me, with their reinforced muzzle when they come towards you, we tend to say it looks like a good Mike Tyson. “

But the dogs also create a closeness to the population, which regularly “asks us what breed they are, whether they are friendly, obedient, etc. Some ask to be able to pet them, ”say the dog handlers.

An unpleasant decree

The decree governing the dog brigades, which is expected to be excited by the profession, was announced on 20 February. But it is far from unanimous. It even attracts attention among dog handlers and municipalities. Contrary to what has been practiced so far, local communities will become “dog owners, which places an additional constraint on those cities that want to set up a dog brigade,” assures Éric Piot, Montigny-le-Bretonneux municipal police chief. This is contrary to common sense. The consequence is that many cities have already given up the idea of ​​setting up a brigade for this reason ”. If the decree is derogatory of the dog sections formed before its publication, it imposes compliance when and when. In addition, “it will generate additional costs, such as the purchase of dogs, their stay, care of the animal at night and on weekends, etc. “, Emphasizes the chosen one.

Today, the dogs of Montigny-le-Bretonneux live in families with their masters. They are totally socialized and remain the responsibility of their masters, at night, in the evenings, on weekends and during holidays. Thanks to this, there is a real emotional bond between them. “It is our best partner,” assures Christelle. They are faithful. We are all enthusiasts. We love our dogs. We live with them and in the end the training never stops. They are both a weapon, a pet, etc. We have a real emotional bond with our dogs. “They want to come to the litter with us, and they never go alone. And if we feel like we’re going to hell, we don’t go there,” adds Pascal, another dog handler.

As a reminder, in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, only Élancourt already had a dog unit within its municipal police force, with three police dogs in its night brigade.

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