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But what is this month of May? exclaims The Parisian. ” Just a week ago, on the eve of the Ice Saints, the mercury ran in Bordeaux and rose for the first time this year to 30 degrees. An event on a local scale, which in reality was just a taste of the burning heath that is currently falling over France. Especially in the southwest, where peaks of 35 degrees are expected at the end of the week. (…) This month of May may be the warmest ever recorded in France », Travels The Parisian.

Explanation put forward by meteorologist Guillaume Séchet, still inside The Parisian : this heat wave is due to ” atmospheric pressure anomalies since 2015, which have the effect of pushing the Azores anticyclone much further north in Europe. It has the effect of calmer and drier weather in France, which is increasingly experiencing subtropical weather. (…) In the future, we will have to get used to sources that are as violent as the one we know today. »

Same analysis for another meteorologist, interviewed by Le Figaro : ” the heat dome is not a rare situation, several have already occurred in Europe, but that it happens in mid-May is surprising, says Pascal Scaviner, head of forecasting services at La Chaîne Météo. He believes that such climate variation is part of global warming, and he unfortunately predicts that such heat domes will be more frequent in the future. »

Ecological emergency!

We are therefore in the presence of an issue that could not be more specific, about global warming … As a result, the ecological issue is even more present and urgent in the political debate.

Climate change: it is urgent, a little, a lot… ”, Exclaims Release on the front, with this picture of Élisabeth Borne, the Prime Minister, surrounded by a circle of daisies against the backdrop of an alpine landscape with a windmill on the side …

No time to waitspear Release. Do not want to let Elisabeth Borne settle down in hell in Matignon, this washing machine where everything sometimes changes so nothing changes. But that needs to change. The climate emergency situation puts pressure on the new Prime Minister’s shoulders that goes beyond the traditional arbitration cases between ministries, which she must also take on a daily basis. We are talking about a course, a project that includes almost everything, a change of software that finally brings the country, its economic actors, its major state bodies, its administrations, its intermediary bodies, its elected representatives across the territory, its associations, its youth, its population on the road to a real ecological transformation. (…)

It is (…) at this turning point that the new leadership pair is expected, especially by young people. This in no way means that other projects, especially not the social ones, have to be moved into the background. But rather to have the conviction that the solution of the evils that plague this country is going through this ecological revolution. It will, of course, take time. In order not to lose more, Emmanuel Macron and Élisabeth Borne must be convinced that there is no (…) alternative. Are they real? »

Iraq on the verge of desertification!

And, of course, it is not only in France that it is urgent. The warming phenomenon is global … India and Pakistan have been experiencing heat waves in the last few days by more than 40 degrees. And in Iraq, repeated sandstorms are blurring the country, notes The world. Formerly a breadbasket, Iraq risks becoming a desert in a few years. ” For the next two decades, Iraq may face “272 days of dust” a year, a Ministry of the Environment official warned recently. (…) Ranked among the five countries in the world most vulnerable to climate change, Iraq is not prepared to face it, with potentially catastrophic social and economic consequences. (…)

Desertification already affects 39% of the country’s surface, the evening points out daily, and it loses about 100 square kilometers of arable land each year.. (…) Faced with the diversity of sandstorms and the disappearance of bodies of water such as Lake Sawa in April, a fearful awareness is emerging at the top of the state, still falling The world. An emergency meeting of the Council of Ministers was convened on 10 May in the presence of experts. The government has released a budget of nearly three million dollars for projects to combat desertification. “A drop of water in the desert …

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