Massive recall in France: this product contains poison, it can be fatal: it is animal feed

Product recalls follow each other. As is the case with Buitoni pizzas or sugar cubes or Kinder chocolates, it is better to be careful about what you buy for fear of falling on a dangerous lot. To avoid any disappointment, consumers are increasingly consulting the government side Rappel Conso. In the latest news, a food product intended for animals is the subject of a recall.

The parties concerned

Recall Conso informs us that the Bio Tonic food produced by HIPPO TOP is the subject of an urgent recall. The affected lots have the following number: N5161DDLU12025. The expiration date written on the boxes is December 1, 2025.

This is an animal feed jar weighing 500 g. These lots were sold throughout France between 1 July 2021 and 25 April 2022. This recall was initiated by the brand even after finding traces of arsenic.

The danger is real

Ingestion of contaminated products may cause diarrhea. Hippo Top advises anyone who has purchased this product not to give it to animals. If you still have some in your closets, bring them back to the store where you purchased them to make a replacement.

Fans of detective or historical novels are familiar with arsenic. This product was used in several killings between the Middle Ages and the 19th century. This poison has gained a bad reputation for taking life quickly and efficiently. This poison is also known to be undetectable.

It is odorless, tasteless and practically colorless. According to Planète Santé, a person who has ingested arsenic will have symptoms of poisoning that seem banal.

The Swiss magazine noted that the biggest threat of arsenic poisoning at the moment comes from the drinking water one ingests. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) has set a limit of 10 micrograms per day. liters of arsenic in water considered drinkable. This limit is not always complied with, especially in Asia.

Leclerc recalls products due to Listeria risks

In May 2022, Leclerc stores launched a nationwide recall campaign for a range of products that may contain listeria. This campaign was carried out in coordination with Rappel Conso.

The products in question are bags containing two goat cheeses, mortadella and bags of herring.

As for the cheeses, these are 65 g goat balls produced by Les Croisés. The products in question come from the lot with the following numbers:

  • 3,564,706 581,173
  • 3,564,706 581,173
  • 3,564,706 581,173
  • 3,564,706 581,173

The expiry date for these cheeses is between 18 May and 7 June 2022.

In the case of mortadella, batches are sold in transparent trays of 100 g each made by L’Atelier Charcuterie Tradizioni D’Italia. You will find the reference L213097 on the boxes in question. The barcode on the trays is 3 664 335 100 049. Their expiry date is between 19 April and 10 May 2022.

Finally, the recalled bags of herring are produced by the brand Our Regions Have Talent. It is net packed in plastic bags of 200 g each. They were sold between 4 May and 12 May 2022. These fillets were intended to be consumed before 3 June 2022. They bear the number 3564709042763, followed by the batch number: 119.

Reminder Conso urges everyone to be vigilant. Avoid consuming the products affected by these recalls at all costs. Eating foods that contain bacteria called Listeria monocytogenes can cause listeriosis, a deadly disease that attacks the nervous system.

Pregnant women, the elderly and the immunocompromised people are the most vulnerable to this disease. In case of fever or “fever, isolated or accompanied by headache and soreness”, contact a doctor immediately stating the type of product you have ingested.

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