Strasbourg. What are we doing this weekend? Discover our selection of diaries!

1. H2O: Pierre Thilloys hip-hop opera

H2O: Pierre Thilloys hip-hop opera. Photo DNA / DR

Date: Saturday, May 21 at 20.00 / Sunday 22 May at 15.00
Location: Teglværket – av. of 2nd Panzer Division, 67300 Schiltigheim

Live music, classical lyrics and hip-hop on the same stage. That was enough to pique our curiosity. This weekend, the Orchester d’Harmonie de Schiltigheim, students from the advanced hip-hop dance class at the School of Arts and choirs from the two high schools in the city of Briqueterie will meet to present an original work. .

Entitled H2O (referring to the chemical formula of water), this creation was commissioned by composer Pierre Thilloy. He is internationally recognized and is the author of more than two hundred works, including a fresco opera by the name [AIR] – Punk opera.

Nourished by the mix of genres and artists, the H2O concert show aims to be a committed work, at once social, urban and universal. Through the element of water, it is the youth, life and importance of a healthy soil that is expressed in the rhythm of chords, beatboxing and breakdance.

Free access by hill. More info here. Reservation required at or at 0767063612

2. Tour of Possibilities, discover alternative and eco-friendly local places

The Tour of Possibilities, discover local alternative and eco-friendly sites. Photo DNA / DR

Date: until 1 July
Location: The Citizen’s House, 2 rue du Grand Couronné and CSC Coté Gare, 13A rue du Hohwald, 67000 Strasbourg

From Grenze to Orée 85 via the Jardins de la Montagne Verte, the Alternatiba movement offers all the curious, nature lovers and inventors of tomorrow’s world the opportunity to (re) discover the alternative places in Strasbourg within two months.

This weekend, the Tour of Possibilities makes a stop at Maison citoyenne (Friday) and at CSC Côté Gare (Saturday). On the program: discussions and workshops to reinvent our relationship with the world, screening of the documentary Désobé by Alizée Chiappini and Adèle Flaux and a civic banquet with sharing of ideas, food and good sounds.

FREE ENTRY. More informations this way.

Fripette, the traveling thrift store, stops in La Grenze

Fripette, the traveling thrift store, stops at La Grenze. Photo DNA / DR

Date: from Sunday 22 May to Sunday 12 June / from 15:00 to 21:00.
Location: La Grenze, 23 rue Georges Wodli, 67000 Strasbourg

Love vintage, want to be stylish this summer and limit your environmental impact by lending yourself to the recycling game: Here are three prerequisites you must meet before taking a trip to La Fripette, the nomadic thrift store that settles down for three weeks . at the Border.

On its shelves, clothes for everyone, accessories and leather goods. But also creations made with recycled clothes and recycled fabric. Enough to feed your wardrobe by consuming responsibly.

More informations this way.

4. Samba & Salsa aperitif at Troc’afé

Samba & Salsa aperitif at Troc’afé. Photo DNA / DR

Date: Sunday 22 May / 17.00 to 20.00.
Location: Troc’afé, 8 rue du Faubourg-de-Saverne, 67000 Strasbourg

This Sunday, Troc’afé invites you to dance to the rhythm of sounds as warm as the temperature of recent days. Samba, forró, salsa, merengue … these are all the colors of Latin America that the bar – in collaboration with Latin American School – offers you in a playlist.

Connoisseurs and beginners are invited to take over the event, if only to taste Lulada, an exotic Colombian fruit juice. A guaranteed change of scenery to end your weekend on a good note.

More info here.

5. Cric evening for the open workshops

Weekly ASAPP excursions

Date: Saturday 21 May / 18.30 to 02.00.
Location: 2 rue de la Cooperative, 67000 Strasbourg, France

As part of Open Workshops 2022, which invites Alsace people to meet local artists, CRIC (Collective of artists and craftsmen) offers an evening rich in colors, between music and laughter.

In the first part, the company La Grande Roue will present “Le cabaret de la bouche d’en bass”. The opportunity to approach the origins of sex and attraction between people with humor and spirit. Recommended from 16 years – we do not draw a picture for you.

The evening continues in music with a concert by David Lafore and Kaspar, halfway between recital and theater performance. Miss Tricky will then go behind the scenes for a DJ set to seduce your ears and your body.

Free price. More info here.

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