Forecast. A new cloud of Sahara sand is flying over France this Friday

So many episodes of a cloud of Sahara sand will cross France on Friday, May 20, 2022. The sandy dust will once again fly over southwestern France in particular, according to the Copernicus satellites, the European Union Earth Monitoring Program, taken over by The Parisian .

This time, the sand in the Sahara is to be observed from the Bay of Biscay to Bordeaux in the Gironde. It will then move to the east and center of France. The director of the Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service, Vincent-Henri Peuch, warns that there may be deposits on the ground if thunderstorms occur on Friday and Saturday.

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These episodes are now better predicted thanks to observation and forecasting techniques. “Previously, we knew they had flown over France when we noticed a layer of red sand on our cars, but our ability to predict their arrival has been significantly improved,” he said. he delivers to our colleagues.

Potential health effects

Understanding the atmospheric circulation makes it possible to determine the concentrations and timing of the arrival of these episodes quite accurately.

World Health Organization (WHO) “does not recommend exposure to this dust when it exceeds the 45 microgram / m threshold3 daily average, notes Vincent-Henri Peuch. Last March, the phenomenon had already lasted several days in France and had colored the sky orange; but in southern Spain the cloud had broken records for maximum concentrations (more than 1,000 micrograms / m)3).

Dust particles can have health effects, TF1 relays in special studies that emphasize that they can cause “respiratory diseases”, transport infectious microorganisms or heavy metals or particles of any kind that are harmful to health.

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Harmful and beneficial effects on the planet

Some scientific studies suggest that these episodes may become more frequent with global warming, drought, and desertification.

However, they have several detrimental effects, as Copernicus notes. As when rain with high concentrations causes significant dry deposits, which reduces visibility and can cause damage or damage machinery. Or when they affect snow-capped peaks, giving beautiful landscapes but causing accelerated snowmelt.

A few days ago, strong episodes of sandstorms paralyzed Iraq, a country highly exposed to these climatic phenomena, albeit slightly different.
However, dust particles have other effects that are more beneficial to the planet. They allow clouds to form or generate shade from sunlight, which helps cool the earth’s surface. These episodes of Sahara sand also help moderate tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean and transport nutrients.

Sand dust from the Sahara continues to fly over French territory: Several episodes of clouds crossing the country were recorded during March and April 2022. The last ones have been less marked than March.

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