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In order to activate all the leverage needed to mobilize citizens for the benefit of nature in the face of climate change, we call on all actors in the field affected by this theme to disseminate their actions, which encourage the public to act in parallel. with the dissemination of our next MOOC – To act for nature in the light of climate change.

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  • [Webinaire pro] a network of actors around nature and climate change

    In order to activate all the levers needed to mobilize citizens for the benefit of nature in the light of climate change, we call on all the actors in the field affected by this …

that MOOC for “Acting for the benefit of nature in the face of climate change” is a course available to anyone without prerequisites, free and distributed online. It consists of 6 lesson sequences that will convey knowledge about climate change, about their impact on nature and about the role of natural spaces. This course aims to facilitate the transition to action by highlighting concrete actions to act in favor of nature in the face of climate change. Its release is scheduled for May to July 2022. To stay informed the opening of registration for this course, we invite you to register Tela Training newsletter.

This MOOC has been developed within the framework of European project LIFE Natur’Adapt, which extends to 5 years. It aims to support protected area managers in adapting their management practices to climate change (2018-2023). The release of MOOC in 2022 will raise awareness among the general public and expand the Natur’Adapt community.

Become a spokesperson for MOOC Natur’Adapt

In order to activate all the levers needed to mobilize citizens for the benefit of nature in the face of climate change, we call on all actors in the field affected by this theme to spread their actions that encourage the public to act.

Let us together create a large network of actors so that citizens can mobilize and act concretely on their territory. Associations, leaders, local authorities, environmental educators … let’s unite our strengths and our expertise: Offer citizens a range of actions that meet the challenges!

This MOOC is an event that is broadcast over two months (May to July 2021). Let’s take advantage of its reach (almost 30,000 participants are expected) to highlight our actions.

Do you offer nature activities, discussion games, co-construction workshops, natural science excursions … in short, any communication tool to increase awareness of climate change and nature? Join the network of actors by becoming a MOOC Natur’Adapt referrer.

For MOOCs, mobilization of local speakers will allow to make the distribution of the MOOC lively, that mobilize citizens and to accompany the handling of certain practical activities in MOOCs to facilitate the transition to action.

For referees, MOOC will be an option publish your structure and actions at national level, develop your audience by reaching out to MOOC Natur’Adapt spotters, join a community of referees and practitioners ready to share their experiences and methods and take advantage of the training tools.

What commitment and for whom?

Becoming a MOOC Natur’Adapt referent is free, free and without obligation. We simply ask you to register and communicate about your actions to give us the means to promote them (see how in the reference guide below).

Who can be the referee?

Representative members of structures acting on a local or national scale whose actions link the conservation of nature and climate change (association, leader / member of a protected or unprotected natural area, public institution, research institute, community, company whose auto entrepreneur, education organization, collective , university, other, etc.).

What can I put in place?

Two levels of involvement allow you to become a speaker. You can choose to be:

  • “Information point referent” : You want to communicate on the MOOC and be contacted by spotters near you via the channel you choose. You will be a local information point on the themes of nature and climate change in your area.
  • “Speaker organizer of event (s)” : Together with your public and local spotters, you want to organize one or more event (s) / field activity (s) among the suggestions we make available to you in this reference guide or others.

In the second case, we suggest that you organizes educational actions and events that you can arrange during the broadcast period MOOC Natur’Adapt and related to its theme. With inspiration from existing civic awareness and mobilization systems, we have selected 3 activities and created 3 practical sheets to support you in their implementation (can be found in the reference guide). You can therefore choose to create one or the other of these activities.

  • Activity 1 – “ Make a projection of the MOOC Natur’Adapt videos »
  • Activity 2 – “ Conduct a phenological excursion as part of a scientific program participating with Tela Botanica
  • Activity 3 – “ Discover the Refugees LPO Gardens »

These opportunities for activities are not exhaustive. Are you already performing actions with the same goal? In this case, do not change anything and communicate your actions via the Natur’Adapt MOOC reference map and the course forums (see terms and conditions in the Natur’Adapt MOOC reference guide).

How do I become a reference and report my actions?

We explain everything to you in the MOOC Natur’Adapt guide. 🙂

The team from Tela Botanica and Réserves Naturelles de France offered a webinar on Thursday, January 20, 2022 to answer all your questions (openly and without registration). (re) see the webinar:

To stay informed and not miss any news, join the group dedicated to this network of players on the Natur’Adapt platform.

Create your account on the platform and join the group “local MOOC Natur’Adapt speakers”.

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