Moroccan Sahara-Palestinian question: excesses and untruths!

An Arab diplomat based in Dakar committed an unfortunate, pretentious and unfortunate media outing on Friday, May 20, 2022. Unhappy because it is full of contradictions, untruths and even contrary to the official views of its own hierarchy.

With a tendency to two years later, and from Dakar, about the resumption of diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and Israel, this excursion is, to say the least, strange, unexpected and raises questions about its real motives, the led agenda and its sponsors. Moreover, our brother does not hesitate to allude to what he called a “great power” !!!
In addition to violating the most basic principles of restraint and respect for sovereign states, especially on the part of a diplomat, the expressed views and the language used are largely lacking in tact and diplomacy before the court and are a matter of controversy.

In addition to the sovereign nature of the Moroccan positions, these have been adequately explained and communicated, especially to the highest Palestinian authorities, and this within the framework of prior consultations, which the diplomat in question should not ignore!

As a reminder, His Majesty King Mohammed VI met with the President of the State of Palestine, HE Mr. Mahmoud ABBAS, on 9 December 2020 to inform him and discuss with him the Moroccan approach.

What is it?
During this meeting, His Majesty the King confirmed to His Excellency Mahmoud ABBAS that his attitude in support of the Palestinian cause remains unchanged, an attitude which the Sovereign inherited from his late father His Majesty King Hassan II, may God rest his soul.

In this sense, a statement from the Royal Cabinet dated 9 December 2020 stated that the sovereign emphasized that Morocco supports the two-state solution and that negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli parties are the only way to reach a solution. definitive, lasting and global solution to this conflict in line with the 2002 Arab Initiative adopted at the Arab Summit in Beirut.
In his capacity as chairman of the Al-Quds Committee, His Majesty the King has repeatedly insisted on the need to preserve the special status of the city of Al-Quds Acharif.

The sovereign also emphasized that Morocco always places the Palestinian issue on the same level as the issue of the Moroccan Sahara, and that the Kingdom’s action to establish its Moroccan status will never be done, either today or in the future, to the detriment of the Palestinian people’s struggle. for their legitimate rights.
The issue of the Moroccan Sahara, which is not offended by this budding polemicist, has in fact always been the absolute national priority of the entire Moroccan people. This question, whose sanctity is as indisputable as the Palestinian question in the collective consciousness of the Moroccan people, has since independence mobilized and united the Moroccan nation around His Majesty the King. This means that the way and language used to address this issue in our diplomat’s media release signifies total ignorance of Moroccan realities combined with unmotivated hostility.
That said, what is our diplomat looking for? Does he not just create an emperor where it has never existed? In any case, the issue of the Moroccan Sahara and that of Palestine for Morocco and the Moroccans are two sacred national issues and on an equal footing!

Furthermore, and still during this exchange with President Mahmoud ABBAS, the Sovereign noted that the King of Morocco enjoys a special status and that he has excellent relations with the Jewish community of Moroccan origin, of which hundreds of thousands of Moroccan Jews established themselves in Israel. In this sense, the Kingdom will use all its relays and contacts to defend the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people within the framework of a constructive commitment to achieve a just and lasting peace in the Middle East region ”.

Without wishing to dwell on the context and conditions of this resumption of diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel, discontinued in 2002 following the 2nd intifada, and contrary to the tendentious and obsessive claims of that diplomat, it should be emphasized that no The official text speaks about this famous standardization. It is actually a resumption of relationships that has been on the agenda since their breakup.

It must be remembered that this decision, above all sovereign, is the result of a process of negotiation long before the so-called Abraham agreement. The outcome of this process reflects a new approach and should be emphasized without affecting the Palestinian issue, which remains at the heart of the concerns of the people and the diplomatic act of the Kingdom.

Beyond the formal relationships, we must not hide the human and demographic factor that played a fundamental role in the outcome of this process. In fact, and as everyone knows, more than a million Israelis claim their Moroccan origins, and Morocco has never denied them. According to the Moroccan Constitution, they are and will continue to be Moroccan citizens, in their own right, and therefore subject to His Majesty the King. This association of Moroccan Jews with their country of origin has its roots in the thousand-year-old history of Morocco, a country of tolerance and coexistence, which is especially illustrated by the role of protector of Moroccan Jews of the late His Majesty. King Mohamed V under the Vichy regime, a memory still alive in the collective memory of our fellow citizens in the Jewish faith who raised the deceased sovereign as righteous among the righteous.

That said, Morocco has never deviated from its duty and its obligations with regard to the legitimate question of Sister Palestine, as stated in the message from His Majesty the King to HE Mr. Cheikh Niang, Chairman of the Committee of Nations united in the exercise of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, on November 29, 2021, two years after the resumption of relations with Israel!

His Majesty the King emphasized: “this is also an opportunity for us to reaffirm our full solidarity with the Palestinian people and our total support for their legitimate right: the establishment of an independent and viable state … we emphasize that Morocco’s “attitude has never been dictated by the circumstances and even less by a particular economic situation. Nor does it fit into the framework of debates or sterile political one-manhood.”

These assurances, which the sovereign has expressed and which do not offend our diplomat, illustrate once again the constant attitude, loyal and respectful to the commitments made by a diplomacy rooted in history far from any opportunism and elaborate tension .

Is it appropriate to remind our diplomatic friend of the recognition and the many and many repeated tributes from his own hierarchy, of the League of Arab States, the organization of the Islamic Conference and various other leaders and religious dignitaries in Palestine and of the world to His Majesty the King and to Morocco, for his constant position and his constructive role and in the defense of the legitimate and inalienable rights and peace of the Palestinian people.

On the ground, the Al Quds Committee and its financial arm, Bayt Mal Al Quds, are engaged in socio-economic projects for the benefit of the people and for the preservation of the Arab-Islamic character of the Holy City, funded by more than 80% of the Kingdom alone.

As far as Israel’s famous observer status within the AU is concerned, it is up to the latter and its member states to take a position on this issue in accordance with its statutes. Morocco, for its part, remains coherent with itself, and if there is any disagreement, it should be sought in certain parties that do not assume responsibility. Once again, Morocco will use all the levers as well as all the regional and international fora to defend loud and clear, without any concession or ambiguity, the legitimate rights of the Palestinian brothers and the solution of two states living side by side. in peace and harmony.

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