“I absolutely love my dogs”

If the comedian Jeremy Ferrari often has a hard tooth, he is unarmed when he talks about the love he has for his two dogs.

Dogs have always been a part of the life of the young Jérémy Ferrari when he was still with his parents in the Ardennes, where he grew up. But it was his life in Paris, where he arrived when he was barely 17, that separated him because he felt he could not offer them a life that suited an animal. ” Labrador, Lhasa Apso, Pekinese, Briard … I’ve always had dogs. When I arrived in Paris, I missed it, but I knew I could not give them a good life «, He confides. He will have to acquire some comfort of life, so he again dares to think of taking an animal as a companion. But not just any. “ Six years ago I was offered the Joker, a jack russell. It started to work for me, I had a bigger apartment and I took it everywhere. He was even there, on stage, at my first Olympia! I ended up buying a house near Paris because I still wanted a big dog. I was looking for a sweet, loving one who could take care of the house. This was where I was recommended Beauceron, and where Marly arrived. »

A great sensitive, unpredictable and endearing

If the Joker quickly adapted to his master’s life as an artist and city dweller, Marly created some problems for Jérémy, who fortunately knew how to react well. “ Before we moved into the house, we stayed a few more months in the apartment. I told myself it was not that bad and that I could easily get him used to sounds, cars, people … But Marly was afraid of everything. So much so that when I took the string to take her out, she peed in the hallway. I ended up calling the breeder, who explained to me that it was rare in Beauceron, but that it happened to have a hypersensitive puppy. We worked together to fix it. It ended up getting better, but she’s still very sensitive. »

Fortunately, Marly could also count on her friend Joker gaining confidence. Even though the friendship between the two dogs was not immediate. ” In the beginning, the Joker was very jealous. But Marly gave him so much love that he had no choice but to appreciate it. “For their Lord their relationship has changed” the day i saw the Joker teaching Marly to go up stairs. He went down, climbed two steps, barked while looking at Marly, and then came down again to start again, and so on. Since then, they have been inseparable, even in bullshit … »

A mysterious disappearance

And the most beautiful of all that nonsense from his dogs is still the one where the comedian has not laughed at all. He even had the fear of his life and thought of never seeing Marly again. “ They fled towards the forest. Joker returned four to five hours later, but not Marly. We searched everywhere, for days and days. Until we told ourselves she must be dead … Then she came back, in a bad condition, her legs broken … We had to operate on her twice so she could walk properly again. We never really get to know what happened. Fortunately, the duo has calmed down since then, for the greater calm of those who travel on the roads, to make their audiences laugh at their sketches, which, sometimes violently, condemn the worst mistakes of our society. Religions, racism, feminism, misogyny, war, disability … no sensitive subject resists those who dare to shake up our certainty with their boundless dark humor.

“Everything can make a good topic”

Would he dare to address the animal one day in his sketches? Condemn the abuses for which they are victims in our society of consumers, who for some regard animals as objects or pieces? ” Anything can make a good subject, he admits. To be honest, my next show will be too. ecology theme, so I will necessarily talk about animals. One does not go without the other. It is time that in 2021, for example, we stop planting spikes in bulls. There is a consciousness, but it is too long. “The fact is that for those who like to admit” is absolutely crazy about (his) dogs, the difficulty with this show will be to remain objective because it is a topic that makes me very angry. It was time for me to talk about it! “.

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