LEGISLATION 2022. Manuel Lorimier, candidate of the Animalist Party for the 4th District of Calvados

Manuel Lorimier, candidate for the Animalist Party in the 4th District of Calvados. © Sophie QUESNEL

Who are you Manuel Lorimier?

Educated engineer, after a career as a leader in the private sector, I am currently the co-founder of a startup that produces wellness products made in France, healthy and natural, vegan and cruelty free. Animal lovers, we have adopted three dogs, but also five reformed horses rescued from the slaughterhouse (Norman French trotters) via the association Sauve Qui Peut based in Lisieux.

What are your ties to the Pays d’Auge and the 4th district?

My beautiful family has long been present in the beautiful city of Cabourg. Thanks to her, I fell in love with the Pays d’Auge. We have been residing there for more than 17 years now. It is true that as a horse lover, the Pays d’Auge is amazing. I chose the 4th District of Calvados by heart choice for this territory, which I have adopted for almost 20 years.

When did you join the Animal Party, and what made you take the plunge?

I joined the Animal Party a year ago after many years of support for the animal cause. I have always supported animal welfare associations, but I would like to go a step further in my commitment, by doing something more concrete. To date, the animal issue is still diluted in other themes or even completely ignored, while there is a growing awareness of public opinion: 89% of French people consider animal welfare important (IFOP 2019), and 67% find that animals are poorly defended by politicians (IFOP 2018). After this five-year period, especially catastrophic for the animal cause, with decisions that are totally contrary to European law and in favor of the hunting lobby, I have decided to put my abilities and my convictions at the service of the only party defending the case. with integrity, animals, to “carry the voice of those who have no voice”.

You are part of what is called “small candidates”, who often stand up to get a message across. Which one is yours?

The animal question cannot be solved on an individual level, but must be asked as a social question. It refers to the concept of justice and our relationship to others, humans or animals. It forces us to ask ourselves questions about the rights we give ourselves over others, and about the various interests involved. “We do not have two hearts, one for animals and one for humans. Either you have a heart or you do not. It can therefore only be resolved at the societal level by amending and adopting legal and legislative standards. If we want things to go in the right direction and fast for the animals, the debate must finally be on the political grounds.

What is your political sensitivity?

The animal party is monothematic and cross-political. Anyone who wants animals to finally be included in the Folketing’s decision-making can find themselves in the Animal Party’s program. We offer a 360 ° vision of animal welfare, including all related external factors on the environment, economy, education, health, food and safety. The purpose of the Animalist Party is to obtain elected representatives and thus enable the development of animal rights. The other parties are not interested in this case. The Animalist Party, although brand new, intends to sign up permanently in the political landscape. To vote for us is to vote useful and pragmatic outside any party political apparatus.

The Animal Party promotes a societal development that takes into account the interests of the animals and rethinks the relationship between animals and humans. How could this be illustrated on a daily basis?

The Animal Party has developed a very comprehensive program available on their website and articulated around 14 major themes, with the mission “Save the Animals and save ourselves”: institutionalize animal protection, expand our field of consideration, educate for ethics and respect for others. , protect the family, share territories, avoid the epidemic of pandemics, ensure France’s sovereignty and food security, develop the sectors of the future, promote science with awareness, produce wealth in respect for all and accessible, to appease society, to entertain without perverting, to adopt responsible international positions and regain hope of our democracy.

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