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Biodiversity is threatened by many factors that are often associated with human activity: land change, overexploitation, invasive species …

INSEE (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) defines biodiversity as being diversity of living species (microorganisms, plants and animals) “that of genes within each species, as well as the organization and distribution of ecosystems. ”

According to estimates, there would be between 5 and 30 million species in the world. A little bit smaller 2 million animal species is already listed and every year, new species are discovered when many others disappear due to various primarily human factors.

How to explain the decline in biodiversity?

According to the organization GreenFacts, causes direct impact biodiversity is a change in land use (forest transformation to arable land, for example), invasive species, overexploitationpollution or even climate change.

And other factors affect biodiversity indirectlysuch as “the development of global economic activity, ie 7 times larger than 50 years ago“, the increase in the worlds populationand socio-political factors or even cultural and religiousagain according to GreenFacts.

It is biodiversity though essential for human life. Thanks to that we can eat, take care of ourselveswarm us, dress us and even breathe! Plants purify water, earthworms other insects fertilize the soil and plants, forests and oceans store carbon… So how can we, by our standards, protect biodiversity?

Our advice for the defense of biodiversity:

Say first stop plant health products such as pesticides, herbicides, insecticides. Apart from being harmful to the environment and health, these toxic products destroy a lot of living organisms. Choose non-toxic products such as white vinegar or black soap.

Beware of insects and animals. 90% of the world’s food comes from pollination and all thanks to insects! So for help these little living creaturesdo not hesitate to plant one mixture of perennial flowers in your garden, balconies and windows, even one insect hotel which you can make yourself! That animals also lack refuge : you can install birdhousesshelter for hedgehogs and squirrels e.g.

And especially, respect nature. Wild animals are not toys, observe them from a distance and do not feed them to avoid sorry their natural cycle. In the wild, do not choose the plants you do not know, she’s perhaps protected. By picking it up, you participate in its destruction.

Also do not participate inintroduction of invasive species, animal or vegetable. And never give up an exotic species in nature. According to the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), biological invasions is the other biggest threat for biodiversity …

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