To dig up, an endless ordeal for badgers

While the period of underground hunting, a doomed practice, begins on May 15, 2022 in most French departments, badgers are, as every year, under the yoke of hunters. The 30 Million Friends Foundation calls for an end to this cruel nonsense.

Excavation of badgers, a cruelty (still) made in France. This practice, which is banned in several European countries, of using dogs to corner the badger in their cave for hours before it is loosened there using metal pliers and kills it, is still going on in our country. The responsibility lies with successive indulgent governments, complicit prefectures and hunting federations determined to preserve this disastrous “leisure”.

Digging up, “it’s just free time”

Annual, ” that’s 12,000 badgers who are killed in this way are indignant at the Association for the Protection of Wild Animals (Aspas), which organizes World Badger Day on 15 May. ” The goal is to condemn this impermissible practice of digging up and making this animal better known.explains Richard Holding, editor-in-chief of the association. Continuing this method is nonsense. There is no role for regulating the species, it is only leisure. »

The goal is to condemn this impermissible practice of digging up.

Richard Holding – Aspas

Since the cancellations of further periods of underground hunting ordered by the courts, the administration has tried to ” to justify them with more or less clumsiness and evil faith ” and in ” in any case, the reasons are questionable », Underlines Frédéric Daniel, responsible for the hunting and badger dossier for the AVES France association. Recently, this extra period of digging up badgers was rejected by the administrative court in Dijon. The reason: badgers killed from May to September are still dependent on adults and need to be protected.

This bias is particularly noticeable in those departments where the hunting culture is deeply rooted.he adds. It is obvious that the pressure exerted by the hunting federations on the administration is forcing it to continue to allow underground hunting. We can only lament this lack of objectivity and the administration’s submission to the hunting lobby Aspas has posted a petition on the Senate’s website to put an end to the excavation of badgers. Remember that with 100,000 signatures, senators are obligated to address the issue.

In some wards, “a real persecution” of badgers

In addition to digging up, the badger is already considered a “huntable game” species (Annex III to the Bern Convention, ed. Note). France is then forced to keep the workforce in a good state of preservation. And still…” We regret that our country is no longer aware of its obligations regarding the legal status of the speciesnotes Frédéric Daniel. In fact, badger hunting is allowed in an irrational way everywhere and without quota restriction. “. Among the reasons hunters cite,” agricultural damage is the most commonly used “, Richard Holding remarks, recalling that he” are natural deterrents that work “.

In France, it is for the management of wild species the rifle that speaks more than common sense.

Frederic Daniel – Aves France

However, there are a few reasons for hope: In the Bas-Rhin department, badger hunting has not been allowed since 2004. And with good reason, the number of mustard lids has dropped to an extremely low level. The decision was not followed by a spread of the species, contrary to the predictions of the hunters at the time. But such choices remain rare in a country where hunting federations are very influential. Therefore, the animal welfare associations regularly challenge the decrees of the courts. The year 2022 should be no exception to the rule.

In some wards, badger hunting is so intense that one can really talk about persecution.sorry Frédéric Daniel. Cantal, for example, is waging a real war against this animal with catches ranging from 1,500 to 2,000 individuals killed each year by hunting and administrative destruction. “.

Priority: “prohibit permission for further periods of underground hunting”

Could it be that the badger was one day removed from the huntable species in France? ” Yes, it fits with the story, but it’s probably a distant viewthinks Frédéric Daniel. In France, it is for the management of wild species the gun that speaks more than common sense. Alas, examples of species in a worrying state of conservation, and yet approved for hunting, are not lacking. In the meantime, and as a priority, the authorization for further periods of underground hunting of the badger should be prohibited “.

The 30 Million Friends Foundation calls on the next government to legislate as soon as possible to ban this cruel practice at the national level.

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