it helps town halls reclaim stray dogs and cats

The person in question had to train to pursue his new profession. Paramedics at the Saint-Bernard ambulances in Royan, his desire for change led him to a skills assessment and a proof. “I have a passion for animals. The idea of ​​creating a business around various services such as walking, guarding, transport or even catching came to me pretty quickly, ”he confides.

To catch stray dogs, Nicolas Foulques has to put on his Kevlar suit.


But lasso stray stray dogs do not have much to do with driving sick people to doctor visits. “I passed ACACED (Proof of knowledge of livestock), and I was trained in TAV (Transport of live animals”, among other things, “he emphasizes. Today, it works with a dozen municipalities in the Pays Royannais, with which it has signed an agreement ( Vaux, Saint-Palais, L’Éguille, Les Mathes, Nancras, Royan, Breuillet, La Tremblade, Corme-Écluse, Le Chay, Saujon, Meschers).

A useful remedy

Considered to be in a stray state any dog ​​which, apart from a hunting act or guard or protection of a herd, is no longer under the effective supervision of its master or which is far from its owner or of the person responsible for it for a distance of over 100 meters. It is also about any abandoned dog, delivered to his only instinct, and that it has been shown that his owner did not refrain from doing anything to find him and restore him.

In the case of cats, this applies to any unidentified cat found more than 200 meters from dwellings or any cat found more than 1,000 meters from its master’s home, which is not under his immediate supervision, as well as any cat whose owner is not known and who are seized on public roads or on the property of others.

This dog was so angry that he broke his teeth by biting my rod “

“In these cases, I can not intervene directly. You must first contact the municipal police or the gendarmerie, who then call me, ”explains Nicolas Foulques, who performs between one and three interventions a day. Not long ago, for example, he intervened in Royan to capture a malinois that had become uncontrollable and dangerous to its owners. In such a situation, he gets tense like a deminer. In order not to run any risk, he must wear a Kevlar suit. His mission: catch the animal with a metal lasso. “This dog was so angry that he broke his teeth by biting my rod,” the person in question remembers.

Abandoned animals

“In this job, you have to put fear aside. Otherwise it is not worth it, ”warns the one who has already been bitten several times. “But with the combination, it goes over. Finally, they are the most cantankerous cats. With their small canines, they manage to pierce the leather on my gloves. Cats are actually also a part of his daily life. Contacted for a small stray tomcat hidden under a car, last week rue Gambetta in Royan, he took it twice to lure and catch him. “I struggled,” he admits. Once they have recovered, the animals are transported to the shelter of animal friends or to the vet.

Nicolas Foulques is an animal lover.

Nicolas Foulques is an animal lover.


A man with a sensitive heart, the hardest thing for him in this job is finally to see the number of abandoned animals. “I immediately see those who are in this case. They walk with a dangling piece of rope. It really hurts. With the arrival of the summer holidays and the presence of many tourists, I expect to get a little more sustained activity. His schedules already have enough to scare the less courageous. Available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, he is ready to respond to emergencies.

Call 07 49 08 23 51 to join Nicolas Foulques in his activity as a pet sitter (sitting, walking and ambulance transport of animals).

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