Legislative: First representation of the animal party in Polynesia

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This is the first time that the animal party is represented at elections in French Polynesia. Laurence Piercy is a real estate agent, partner in an auditing firm and soon enrolled in law school, has been a part of it since its founding in 2016, but today she says she wants to “carry the voice of the voiceless”.

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The Animalist Party (PA) has given its nomination to Laurence Piercy to represent it in French Polynesia. She is running in the parliamentary elections for the first constituency with Bernard Begliomini as deputy. It is her first political experience, but she has been a member of the national party since its establishment in 2016, and comes like many other members from the L214 association. The choice of a mono-themed party, she explains it with the desire to carry the animal case without it being ” lost in the middle of election promises “ and ” diluted in the programs. It’s a new challenge for Laurence, she says, real estate agent, partner in an auditing firm and soon enrolled in law school.

The animals headline the party: “the voice of the voiceless”

One of the animals’ flagship practice is to highlight images of animals rather than of candidates. They want to be “the voice of the voiceless” and gain their respect in the same way that a person explains the candidate in Polynesia. “We have several general initiatives that seem important to us, such as the creation of a Ministry of Animal Welfare” at national level but also at local level: a way of allocating more resources to animal welfare. Laurence Piercy of course wants ” legislate for the protection of livestock and wildlife, more specifically create an obligation to sterilize animals from non-breeding owners, it will allow a regulation of all the problems we encounter in the field, especially stray and migratory animals, safety problems. » The candidate also talks about one “pass to the adopter”, or a license obtained after training. In short, it is also about regulating animal populations without letting them grow out of control, by setting up animal brigades for “list pets” and above all in setting up reception centers. Laurence emphasizes the work of the associations, but reminds that they are volunteers: “today there is nothing too expensive”.

A unique but cross-cutting theme

The party’s approach is “education for respect for others”, beginning with the youngest. Laurence Piercy draws a parallel here to domestic violence, which will be the core of her speech: “When there is violence between people, we often find animal cruelty. » If animal welfare is at the heart of the program, Laurence believes it is a cross-cutting theme. “The cause of the animal leads to many other problems, it finds an echo in education, problems of accountability, linked to the environment. As deputy, my mission will be to defend all bills that have a connection with the animal cause.”

The national program includes other measures, such as the abolition of animal shows, such as bullfighting, dolphinariums, but also rooster fighting … or even the end of intensive agriculture and fishing. Laurence will moderate, for her “there is no simple and simple ban, it is first and foremost a measure to improve practice, change mentality little by little”, from manufacturer to plate.

For fishing, for example, it will be a matter of favoring small-scale fishermen and not tuna boats. With regard to the slaughter of animals, the aim is to apply practices that inflict the least possible suffering on the animals, which implies rules and more control. And then arrived at the consumer, the party imagines the establishment of alternative menus, vegetarians, certain days in the school canteens.

Open letter from Laurence Piercy

“Because animal cruelty is often linked to domestic violence and generates inappropriate social behavior,

the monothematic animal party, which I represent at Fenua, tends to impose the animal issue in the political sphere and introduce real legislation to provide solutions in all spheres where a problem arises.

The animal question must be asked as a social question, where the connection between abuse and human behavior must no longer be demonstrated, as well as its impact on our environment.

The animal question refers to the notion of justice and our relationship to others as a whole, human or animal; it questions the rights we give ourselves over this other, therefore concerns people and constitutes an extension of the sphere of moral consideration and appropriate conduct.

I have the honor to present myself in District 1 at the next parliamentary elections to carry the voice of the voiceless in the public debate, I invite you to show them your support by voting for an animal party on 4 June next District 1 .

Every vote given to the animal party is without any ambiguity a vote to advance the animal question.

“We do not have two hearts, one for animals and one for humans. You have a heart, or you do not have a “Lamartine / signer of the decree abolishing slavery in 1848.

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