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To the great relief of Algerians abroad, the government last Thursday, May 19, finally unveiled the new program of flights and sea crossings to Algeria for the summer season.

After many twists and turns, travelers will therefore be able to organize their summer vacation and discover the offers from the national companies Air Algérie and Algérie Ferries, whose sales have come about after an endless wait.

But the trip to Algeria is not limited to buying a plane or boat ticket. There is also a health protocol to follow. Here is an overview of the current information regarding a trip to Algeria and all the parameters to consider, whether you are traveling by sea or by plane.

Travel to Algeria: the formalities

For 2 years, our way of traveling has changed radically, totally controlled by the covid-19 pandemic. A health protocol is still in force in Algeria, as everywhere in the world, but it was significantly relaxed in March last year.


Remember that land and sea borders are still only partially open. Currently, every vaccinated traveler arriving in Algeria must present a valid vaccination certificate not exceeding 9 months. An unvaccinated traveler must give a negative PCR test result within 72 hours. Please note: the antigen test is not accepted.

On the administrative document page, a passport valid for more than 6 months is required, as well as covid travel insurance for foreign travelers. Since 2020, Algeria is in fact the only Maghreb country to appear on the list of 41 countries requiring this insurance, along with Lebanon and Saudi Arabia in particular.

This is a formality to cover health expenses, hotel stays and repatriation related to covid 19, in case of contamination during the stay in Algerian territory. Travelers with Algerian citizenship are not affected by this measure.

The exchange rate for the Algerian Dinar

Going to Algeria also means planning a budget to be spent on the spot. You can withdraw money (Algerian dinars) from ATMs at local banks with an international card (Visa, Mastercard, etc.), but the official exchange rate (1 euro equals about 155 dinars) is not advantageous.

Most travelers choose the parallel market. This Sunday, May 22, the euro will be sold to 214 Algerian dinars on the parallel market. Before the pandemic, the summer season always saw other currencies (euro, dollar, etc.) rise against the Algerian dinar on the black market, but this time stability is in order, despite high inflation in the country.

This phenomenon can be explained by several reasons, in particular the economic crisis that Algeria has been going through for several years, which has resulted in a shortage of jobs and therefore a decline in the purchasing power of the population.

The marked decline in the country’s imports is also in question, as well as the restriction of visas granted by France, down colossal 50%. All these combined elements, among others, explain the maintenance of the current quote of the Algerian dinar.

Algiers Algeria

The price of plane and boat tickets to Algeria

The price increase is still relevant. Airline and boat tickets to Algeria have risen in the air, which has created discontent among the diaspora living abroad. The deputy for the French Algerians, Tawfik Khedim, had condemned the exorbitant prices of tickets for the newspaper Elhiwar, declaring that the prices of Air Algeria are among the most expensive in the world.

It is clear to spend about 500 € for less than 2 hours flight is not within everyone’s reach, especially when traveling with family.

On April 24, President Abdelmajid Tebboune had nevertheless called for lower prices for the aviation and maritime sector at the start of the summer season. The Air Algérie spokesman spoke for the Echorouk news channel on Monday, May 23, confirming this decline.

The prices of Air Algérie tickets will therefore be revised by 55%, to allow the Algerian community abroad to return to the bleeding this summer without paying an exorbitant amount, he promised.

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