This summer we give you 200 nature meetings in Isère

More than 200 activities and events, between the end of May and the beginning of October, free of charge, around biodiversity? And yes, it’s possible, it’s in Isère, it’s going to happen in about forty sensitive natural areas (ENS) near you, and it’s the department that invites you! Biodiversity: to know and understand it is to preserve it.

From 21 May to 9 October, the department offers educational, unusual, creative or more sporting activities and events in around forty ENS in Isère (out of the 146 existing ones) to all curious, young and old, publicly initiated or who have little or no access to nature – older people, people in social insecurity or disabled, children in difficulty …

Always fun and original, these “Rendez-vous nature”, branded European Green Capital, will this year focus on biodiversity to give the public the opportunity to get to know it in all its forms, to understand the roles it plays, the services it plays. reports (pollination, purification of air, water, food production, medicine …), how it works …

The department’s 15 nature guides will also teach visitors about take the right reflexes and behaviors to observe nature and respect it: identify the noise and sounds of nature, keep an eye on observing without disturbing, identify signs of wildlife without leaving traces … Because it is important to know the species and natural environments that surround U.S. to better understand their role, coexist better and act to preserve them.

Ask for the program!

In addition to the traditional nature excursions in ENS, this year the department will arrange festive and fun events through workshops and shows as well as a Nature Escape Game to discover ENS in an original and entertaining way in the Peuil peat bog and Matheysine lakes (5 to 18 June ). These games and shows are intended for audiences who are not used to participating in ENS, and aim to introduce new audiences to the richness of the pages and their history.

• May 29: Long live spring: in Ecouges, Peuil, Col du coq
• June 4 and 5: Meet in the garden at the Department Museums
• June 4: Tell me about Col du coq in 2040 – Cie “1 Euro does not spring”, Col du Coq
• June 5: Via Rhôna is celebrated. Sling of Oves
• June 5: Discovery of geology. Upper Moucherotte
• June 5/18. June: Mysterious orchids. Pond of Lemps; Peat bog
• June 5 / June 18: Espace games: Discover sensitive natural areas in a different way. Matheysine lakes, peat bog

June 11: These wonderful plants that adapt: ​​carnivorous, aquatic! Herretang mosses
• June 12: Discovery of reptiles. Pond by Lemps
June 18: Goldsmiths and butterflies share their secrets with you. Montjoux dams
• June 25: Traces and Traces of Wildlife. Pond by Lemps
• June 26: Workplace for cleaning up invasive plants (Le Bunias d’Orient). Lakes and bogs of Mathysine
June 26: Go beaver hunting. Sava lake
• July 2: Live my life as a shepherd. Peat bog
• July 3: Edible wild plants. Peat bog
• July 17: Biodiversity: everyone affected! How to shop. Sava lake
August 27: Bat Night. Marsh of Vieille Morte
• September 3 and 4: Dialogue on a walk – Cie Infusion (dance, slam and sung walk), Tourbières de l’Herretang

The cultural season “Call of the Forest” in Isère supported by the department continues and offers entertainment and events around the forest through different approaches, historical, ethnographic, artistic, economic and naturalistic. And some in ENS!

• July 10: Sensitive meeting and immersion in nature in connection with the exhibition “Nature in itself, nature in law” at the Resistance and Deportation Museum in Isère. Peat bog
• July 31/6. August: The reminder of the forest, Cie Culture caillou (theater walk), Les Ecouges
• September 18: Listen to the flow of the forest – Cie Strates (dance), Marais de Vieille Morte

A brief summary: In 2020 and 2021, nature facilitators welcomed and raised awareness of more than 9,000 participants, including more than 3,000 vulnerable people, despite the health crisis. Normally, the department welcomes about 14,000 participants each year, of which more than 4,000 are vulnerable.

All activities are free and available at

Information and registration at partner Isère tourist offices.

Isère is a territory of unique richness in landscapes, fauna – 287 bird species, 87 species of mammals, 3200 species of moths and flora, with more than 2600 species of plants. The conservation of biodiversity in this natural heritage is a priority for the Department of Isère, which coordinates a network of more than 146 ESA. Making this wealth known is part of this preservation because it is about knowing that we are learning to respect “, Emphasizes the Vice President of Environment and Biodiversity Céline Dolgopyatoff Burlet.

Isérois ENS is not space under a bell. To preserve is to let human activities develop with respect for natural environments and species: grazing, mowing, fishing, nature tourism, sports activities … To preserve is also to make known and understood, and that is the purpose of the nature activities that we perform each summer thanks to experienced teams. And remember: they are all free upon registration. So quickly discover those that take place near you! », Emphasizes Jean-Pierre Barbier, chairman of the department.

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