Belani: “The Court has clearly ruled that Morocco has no sovereignty over Western Sahara”

Amar Belani. DR

The special envoy responsible for the issue of Western Sahara and the Maghreb countries, Amar Belani, suggested that Morocco’s wild occupation of the Sahrawi territory “can in no way hinder the Sahrawi people’s exercise of their right to self-determination,” says ApS .

“Those who hoped that the decision of the former US government would pave the way for those who could lead the EU (EU) and its Member States (in particular) out of comfort zone “(sic) must unravel and face a new situation in which the international community will pay more attention to respect for the principles and values ​​of the Charter of the United Nations”, the diplomat in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Community confirmed at to the Sahrawi Press Agency (SPS), published Tuesday.

Belani recalled that “the use of force to change borders is strictly prohibited under international law”, noting that “this is valid at all latitudes and can not be the subject of a differentiated reading”. In this context, he also recalled that “the European Court of Justice has clearly ruled that Western Sahara is a separate and distinct territory and that Morocco does not exercise any kind of sovereignty there”.

“The savage occupation of this non-autonomous territory (…) in blatant violation of international law can in no way prevent the Sahrawi people from exercising their inalienable and indescribable right to self-determination, as recognized by the international community that the final status of “this territory remains to be defined under the auspices of the United Nations in accordance with international law,” he assured.

The Special Envoy for Western Sahara and the Maghreb also mentioned Morocco’s wrongful acquisition of the subject of the international conference on the fight against the terrorist group Daesh, recently held in Marrakech.

“The distortions of Moroccan diplomacy were intended to obscure international legality by trying in vain to bilateralize an issue of decolonization, which under the marrakesh soukis doomed to fail, ”he said on the subject.

The Algerian diplomat also commented on remarks by the Palestinian ambassador to Dakar, Safwat Ibraghith, recently during an interview with a Senegalese media, in which he had stated in particular that the normalization of relations between Morocco and the Zionist entity constituted a “purchase” . of the Palestinian cause.

“The Palestinian ambassador has said out loud what the Palestinians generally think of this disgusting trade that has been made on the backs of two people living under the yoke of the occupation and arbitrary oppression, namely the Palestinian people and the Sahrawi people,” he said. .

“These two oppressive regimes (Morocco and the Zionist entity) have the same DNA: they share institutionalized expansionism, the systematic, deliberate and planned violation of the human rights of the oppressed peoples and finally the spoiling of a massive amount of their natural resources (…)” , he added.

Referring to the forthcoming opening of negotiations between Madrid and Rabat on the delimitation of territorial waters and airspace, Belani suggested that “the fantastic contract proposals offered by the occupying power to circumvent international law and irreparably lead to a stalemate in the face. Of the strength and coherence of case law, in particular European. “

In particular, he recalled that under international law and rulings of the European Court of Justice, “waters adjacent to the territory of Western Sahara do not fall under Moroccan sovereignty”.

In response to the creation of an award to pay tribute to the slain Palestinian journalist Shereen Abu Aqleh, Belani stressed that “this honored martyr for the Palestinian cause deserves much more than a symbolic award that will be presented during a cultural ceremony”.

“His martyrdom, which merges with the indescribable suffering of the Palestinian people, deserves the Al-Quds Committee’s clinical death of conscious political choices and opportunistic calculations to address the nagging question of the Al – Quds Echarif facing several attacks, the most recent of which is the permission given to Jewish settlers to perform psalmological rituals on the esplanade of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, ”he assured.


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