Cani Gourmand: “the dogs say thank you”

More than 7 million dogs live in French homes. To keep them in good health for a long time, it is important to respect their well-being and their needs.

Dogs must chew for both physical and mental health. Stimulate him, make him discover new flavors, textures and smells, such is the leitmotif of Cani Gourmand, the specialist in chewing and natural treats. Here is an interview with Aurélie Dedieu, dog sports competitor, Kelpie breeder and dog show judge.

What are the benefits of chewing?

What are the health benefits of Cani Gourmand treats? Chewing is a natural activity for puppies and dogs, an essential need that maximizes their well-being, a source of joy and peace of mind that also allows them to maintain healthy teeth. Cani Gourmand treats are 100% natural: no chemical additives, no preservatives or grains. These are low-fat pieces of dried meat, tendons or cartilage. Our treats have been around for over 3 years and have been tested by over 50,000 dogs.

The first and basic idea of ​​Cani gourmand is to be a help and to enrich the dog / master relationship. Our team works with the MFEC (Mouvement Français d’Éducateurs de Chiens de compagnie (MFEC), which guides us in the development of our employment treats. We offer beef skins, which are harder to chew, to dogs with large jaws. It benefits puppies from softer waste (reduced drying time) for less cumbersome and deterrent chewing, so we can advise and lead towards THE most suitable chewing gum bite.

Why is Cani Gourmand always looking for new products?

Science is increasingly interested in the emotional and mental needs of dogs, and their play needs to evolve in this direction. While making treats remains our core business, our approach to dog well-being is global. For example, we sell flair toys, such as the search mat that stimulates the dogs, but also business toys for chewing, catching, throwing, pulling, licking puzzles. Our store has been expanded with new products that respect our ethical commitment.

How does Cani Gourmand develop transmission actions around dog well-being?

The Cani Gourmand team consists of enthusiasts from the dog world. We want to pass on our expertise to our community, to our customers, to multiply benevolent initiatives such as positive education, to set up awareness tools. We publish free guides to download from our site and send to newsletter subscribers. We hold interactive lives with professionals from the dog world. Our YouTube channel offers tips and interviews. The team is also present at many dog ​​events (nationally or locally in New Aquitaine) to distribute educational leaflets and raise awareness about chewing and gambling.


Cani Gourmand: puppy discovery box

Cani Gourmand, the specialist in chewing and natural treats, launches the discovery set, the most important thing to welcome your puppy (for play, learning, chewing). This set includes: 1 fleece tow, a choice of 3 chew treats and a bag of reward treats (chicken heart). Only natural products. New masters can also download a comprehensive guide.

Puppy sets are available in two formats: medium / large breeds and small breeds

Available on the Cani Gourmand website and at certain distributors

Biolis: FLEXIMA® dog food supplements

Biolis Animal Health launches FLEXIMA®, a dietary supplement designed to improve dog mobility by affecting muscle efficiency and joint support. Its composition combines recognized chondroprotectors and suitable amino acids. Very tasty, FLEXIMA® can be administered as a treat. Several trials have proven the benefits of this patented solution. FLEXIMA® is also for active dogs who want to stay active.

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  • Price: 19.99 € for a box of 30 tablets
  • Sale: on Biolis website and also at Petch, Animalis and Amazon.

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