Near Nantes. At this college, after the staff strike, the students’ parents want to hit hard

More than 120 people demonstrate in front of the Nantes Rectorate: the condemnation of the condemned principals between the Auguste Mailloux College in Loroux-Bottereau and the Victor Hugo College in Nantes © HSM

The permutation of two principles between Auguste Mailloux College in Loroux-Bottereau (in the Nantes vineyards) and Victor Hugo College in Nantes certainly does not pass.

Parents of students, supported by the staff, encourage all parents to not to send their children to school on Friday, May 20th.

A punch action called “deserted college” which follows an initial mobilization carried out yesterday, Wednesday 18 May.

The staff was already on strike on Monday

Teachers, parents and students from the Auguste Mailloux College gathered in front of the Nantes Rectorate. A call for mobilization had also been sent to teachers and parents at Victor Hugo College.

This protest movement followed the exchange of two principals between the two companies, announced on Friday 13 May and implemented on Monday 16 May.

After a failed meeting with the rector’s services, which was sent to Loroux-Bottereau to present the new rector, the staff at Auguste Mailloux College went on strike for the rest of the day.

Nearly 200 people attended the rally on Tuesday

The next day, Tuesday, May 17, the parents of students met at the Loroux-Bottereau Convention Center during a public meeting which gathered almost 200 people.

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We reject the decision of the academic authorities to change the principal, which was implemented suddenly and brutally, without any transparency about the motivations behind and without regard to the staff, parents or students.

Staff and parents of students

For the pedagogical community, “the effects on the course of the end of the school year are innumerable (class councils, orientation, consultation with families, preparation for the next school year, etc.”). As well, she claims “the immediate annulment of this resolution” by 194 votes to one.

The Rectorate's explanations were not at all convincing.  The movement continues with other actions.
The Rectorate’s explanations were not at all convincing. The movement continues with other actions. © HSM

A meeting of the Rectorate to explain

On Wednesday, May 18, 120 of them were gathered in front of the Rectorate of Nantes. A delegation of staff and parents to students was received in an audience by the Rectorate’s Secretary General, DAASEN from the Loire-Atlantique and a leader of school life.

The conversation lasted a little over an hour.. While recording the feelings and determination expressed by both staff and parents, the interlocutors justified the decision taken “with the need to calm the crisis situation at Victor Hugo College and concluded on the promise of support for the principal attached to Loroux -Bottereau and on the obligation to send the report on the exchange to the principal, ”the protesters explain.

Actions “until satisfaction is achieved”

The staff and the students ‘parents “understand, however, that the authorities do not intend to accede to their request for cancellation of the two principals’ permutation” and count continue their actions “until satisfaction is obtained”.

As they can not bring themselves to accept that “the Rector’s so-called appeasement choice for Victor Hugo College will destabilize their establishment”, the students’ parents, supported by the staff, have already “urges all parents to prepare for a desert school day this Friday, May 20.”

A new strike in sight?

For their part, the trade union sections of the establishment (the local council of the FCPE by the Auguste Mailloux College, the Snes-FSU section of the College, the Southern Education Section of the College, the Sgen-CFDT section of the College) filed a new strike notice for the next week.

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