What is Tech? Travel gadgets you can actually use


Many people go on holiday for the first time in 2-3 years. Whether you are traveling by plane or on the highway, it is important to pack light. It is also important to pack enough.

And enough, I’m talking about the things you need to make sure you have enough power to keep all your gadgets charged and ready for a day of sightseeing.

Hotels and condominiums never seem to have enough outlets to charge everything. Phones, laptops, watches, tablets, headphones and all the other stuff. If you have not been on the go for a few days since 2019, chances are you are packing more gadgets to charge each night.

Ha, the first thing my family does in a hotel room is look for an outlet they can claim for the week.

You can convert an electrical outlet to 5 with a portable power strip. You can pack one of the old power strips that are often found in the garage. You can also pack a power strip for travel only.

Anker, one of my favorite technology brands, has several portable batteries. They are small enough to be thrown into one
suitcase. With 3 AC outlets, a USB-C port and two standard USB ports, you do not need charging pads.

Instead of packing separate cables for your devices, take a look at a 3-in-1 charging cable.

You can find them online and in some major checkout stores. It’s really brilliant. The cables have a micro-USB connector but also have 2 adapters connected to an Apple Lightning cable and a USB-C.

To charge a device with a different electrical outlet, simply connect the micro-USB adapter. They are especially convenient to pack in a backpack, so you always have the right cable when you need it.

You will need a portable charger at some point and there are many brands to choose from.

iOttie makes a sleek and completely wireless portable battery charger, just place the phone on the charger. Anchor has portable powerbanks for all devices and a new portable battery model that connects to iPhones 12 and up with a magnet so you never have to worry about cables or wires.

A word of warning when buying a portable battery charger: Make sure you have the right cable for it. Some newer charging packages only have USB-C cable outputs.

Check what you get.

Holiday pictures look better if the phone camera is stable. Joby makes a pocket stand that does not need a stand, just place the phone inside the clips for stable pictures. The mini stand (I can even call it a microphone) is small, but gets the job done, whether you’re taking pictures of the kids by the pool or trying to record video of a sunset.

If you need readers when you want to sit by the pool and read, you can find ways to support the readers you have inside your sunglasses. Nothing looks worse.

Thin Optics makes a very thin reading style that rests on the back of your nose. They are small enough to fit in your sunglasses. I bought a couple of these years ago and eventually used them. You
can find cheap versions online. Wear them behind your favorite sunglasses and no one will notice that you are wearing them.

They are technology related because they fold together in a small case that can be put on a phone, tablet or e-reader so you always have readers with you. They come in all strengths.

Here is my technical packing list that I take on vacation:

● An e-reader such as a Kindle that does not need an internet connection and is waterproof and distraction free.
● Portable power rail.
● Portable battery (I usually have two because someone always needs to be recharged).
● A quick charge plate when I go back to the hotel room and need to recharge the phone’s battery.
● 3-1 charging cable with micro-USB, Lightning and USB-C outputs.
● Thin optical readers.
● Smartphone camera lenses for even wider sunset shots.
● Stand for Joby mini-smartphone

And when we travel, I make sure to download movies or TV shows to a phone or tablet so we can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, even when we do not have an internet connection.

But do not forget the sunscreen either. Like these travel gadgets, it is more expensive if you have to buy it at the airport or hotel gift shop.

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