A look back at the attacks by Algerian officials targeting Morocco [Desintox]

In light of the continued support for Morocco’s proposed autonomy initiative for the Sahara, Algerian officials are stepping up their efforts to counter the kingdom’s success. The latest media outburst is Amar Belani, special envoy in charge of the issue of Western Sahara and the Maghreb countries, who in an interview with the press agency Polisario, taken up by the APS, again attacked in Morocco.

The Algerian diplomat thus confirmed on Tuesday that “the distortions of Moroccan diplomacy and its absurd attempts to obscure international legitimacy are doomed to fail”. “This is evidenced by the recent slap in the face to the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, who firmly confirmed that ‘all issues related to Western Sahara and its status must be addressed in accordance with international law in the context of United Nations policy. process”.

However, Morocco has always defended the UN political process and calls for discussions on the conflict to be maintained exclusively in the United Nations. Moreover, recent Security Council resolutions all praise the Moroccan autonomy proposal and avoid mentioning the 1990s settlement system adopted by the United Nations, which Algeria and the Polisario are asking to be dug up.

Involves Spain by describing it as an “administrative power”

The Algerian diplomat also stated with regard to the demarcation of the maritime and air borders between the Kingdom and Spain that “Morocco does not manage and has never managed the airspace in Western Sahara”. “Aviation has always been administered by Spain, the administrative authority of the territory in the eyes of the law”. “It is an insoluble reality that gives you a constructive idea of ​​the false sovereignty that the occupying power imagines,” he continued.

To elaborate, Amar Belani, on waters adjacent to the Sahara, cited the judgments of the European Court of Justice (CJEU) and further stated that “the attractive contract proposal of the occupying power to circumvent international law and European law will irreparably lead to a stalemate. in the face of justice, in particular European laws. “

With regard to the first point, the Algerian diplomat is appealing for false information supported by an argument used by the Polisario to implicate Spain in the conflict. For if air navigation in the Sahara as in the whole territory is actually managed by Morocco, the Algerian special envoy fails to remember that in August 2020 the Spanish government confirmed that his country is not the administrative power of the territory.

“Spain considers itself detached from any international responsibility for the administration of Western Sahara since the letter sent on 26 February 1976 by Spain’s Permanent Representative to the UN to the UN Secretary – General”. In response to a parliamentary question, Madrid clarified that “Spain does not act as an administrative power on the list of non-autonomous territories of the United Nations”.

Connects Palestine to the Sahara while attacking the Al Quds Committee

As for the second point, the latest ruling of the European Court of Justice is not final and the European Commission has appealed. In addition, on the day of the judgment’s publication, Morocco and the EU issued a joint statement confirming that they remain “fully mobilized to continue [leur] Cooperation”.

The rest of the interview with the Polisario news agency can be summed up in an attempt to transpose the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the issue of the Sahara, or even to attack again the al-Quds Committee led by King Mohammed VI. While refusing to “comment” on the statements made by the Palestinian ambassador to Senegal, Amar Belani stressed that the Palestinian diplomat “said aloud what the Palestinians generally think about this disgusting negotiation conducted on the backs of two peoples, living under the yoke and blind oppression of the occupation, namely the Palestinian people and the Sahrawi people “.

As for the award announced by Bayt Mal Alqod’s Acharif Agency to pay tribute to Palestinian journalist Shereen Abu Aqleh, the Algerian diplomat contented himself with declaring that “this honorable martyr for the Palestinian cause deserves much more than a symbolic award, which will be awarded during a cultural ceremony, without offering better or more.

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