Bordeaux: they spend the night outside hoping for a plane ticket

This morning, May 23, 2022, a small group is waiting patiently for the opening of Cityvol travel agency. (© Nathan Tacchi /

” Before covid crisisI paid 460 euros round trip for the trip Bordeaux-Oran. Now it is around 1,300 euros. »

This Monday, May 23, 2022, at 10.00, about fifty people are waiting for the opening ofCityvol travel agency in front of Saint-Jean train station in Bordeaux (Gironde) to buy airline tickets toAlgeria.

It is one of the only agencies in the city that sells tickets to Air Algérie.

An impromptu campsite in front of the travel agency

Since 2020, with the crisis of covid and the closure of borders, air traffic in Algeria dropped drastically and prices rose. “We are on about 35% of the 2019 program,” Amine Andaloussi, spokeswoman for Air Algérie, explained in March 2022 to VVAAlgerian news site.

In front of the travel agency, the spirit is a little overheated. Some have been waiting since the night before with their camping chairs hoping to be the first to get the precious sesame. But without any guarantee that there is, a young woman confides.

“We are five million Algerians in France for a few flights and three boats a week. That equates to giving 10 euros for a child to buy Nikeit does not work, ”explains Nennouche, a truck driver present Monday morning.

Begin a review of airline prices for the Algerian management

On 24 April 2022, under the Algerian Council of Ministers, it was decided “to begin the revision of air and sea fares prices before the summer season for the benefit of the national community, to encourage them and encourage them to choose national carriers”.

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As Air Algérie is a national company, it is actually up to the government to decide on the air transport strategy. “But it’s only lies what we are told,” Nennouche breathes.

In its program for the summer season, unveiled on Thursday 19 May, the Algerian Executive announces an increase in the number of flights, doubling the number of Paris-Algiers flights in particular, but without specifying the date of the launch of airline tickets, or their price.

Another news item that fell the same day created disappointment, especially for those present this Monday morning in front of the Cityvol agency: Air Algérie will not be flying from Bordeaux. Only two connections per week by the Spanish company Volotea, at exorbitant prices, up to 800 euros per person.

On Air Algérie’s booking page, when the servers are not saturated, prices are just as expensive from other cities in France. “For three people we have for 3,000 or even 4,000 euros round trip,” irritates a woman on the spot. “At that price we could take a tour of the islands …”, annoys another.

More flights from France for less

Especially as demand is rising with the reopening of borders and the coming summer. “I have not seen my family for a year. We want to buy the tickets, but there are not even any, Nennouche breathes. We require more flights from France for less! »

Abdelouahab Yagoubi, deputy for Paris in the National Assembly (Algerian Parliament) and member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Emigration, recently asked in a Facebook post, now deleted, “the increase in flights […] in order to regulate fares and provide a sufficient number of flights and crossings to [sa] Community “.

More generally, a head of the travel agency Globe Travel in Bordeaux explains to that it is all the underserved destinations that have seen their prices rise in recent months. “But especially Algeria.”

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