“Chambery, permeable city”: launch conference

May 18 at the conference ” Chambéry, and permeable at “, the city of Chambéry, has launched a major participatory approach around the theme” the permeable city “.

This operation is organized in partnership with the Rhône-Mediterranean-Corsica Water Agency, which funds it with an amount of € 80,000 as part of a call for projects with the theme “Water and citizen participation”.

The goal is to question the place of water in the city through numerous meetings in 2022 and 2023. It will be a question of co-constructing an action plan to ensure that the water can flow as naturally as possible in the city.

  • The conference ” Chambéry, a permeable city: inhabitants get involved, water infiltrates, nature invites itself was the first event in a long line. Organized in partnership with CAUE 73 (Council for Architecture, Urban Planning and the Environment in Savoy), GRAIE (Research Group, Technical Animation and Information on Water), CISALB (Intercommunity Committee for Sanitation of Lake Bourget, Grand Chambéry and the city of Chambéry were its objectives to present the challenges of water management in urban areas and to explain why it is necessary to de-impermeabilize the soil.

Why the “permeable city” approach?

By favoring the presence of water in the city, the city of Chambéry wants to act on cooling the urban framework, developing nature and thus biodiversity, supplying the groundwater table, combating floods, all this in order to develop in a comfortable living environment.

What are the problems related to water in the area?

Faced with global warming, it is important to give its place back to the water. Rainwater or streams, it must be able to run and / or seep as naturally as possible in the city. But in order to be able to flow and infiltrate where it falls / flows, the soils must be permeable, ie they allow water to pass through. By infiltrating as close as possible to the place where it falls, rainwater penetrates more quickly into the groundwater and limits its pollution by runoff.

How to promote infiltration of water where it falls?

To facilitate the infiltration of water where it falls, solutions are available and the city of Chambéry has already seized it! With water as the common thread in development, removal of rocks (removal of tarmac), revegetation of schoolyards or even creation of landscape valleys (a shallow and wide ditch, overgrown with banks in a gentle slope that collects runoff) or islands of coolness in the city allows nature to return to the city and its cooling. What examples: Revegetation of 6 schoolyards since 2021, such as the Biollay or Chantemerle schools, revegetation of the quai du Jeu de Paume after stripping or integration of rainwater in the development project ZAC Vétrotex and the park at the edges of Leysse. These are all actions that will ultimately promote a better living environment and help combat global warming.

Furthermore, any new development, any new extension and any redevelopment of an already constructed plot (buildings, car parks, roads, paths, squares, etc.) must comply with the rules of rain zoning, a zoning tool attached to the local inter-municipal city. level. This results in a cartography of the permitted discharges according to the rainfall level and the infiltration capacity of the soil. More information here!

Did you know ?

The water from our tap is distributed by the Grand Chambéry. It comes from a water surface that lies between -15 and -20 m deep under our feet. A true natural reservoir, it supplies the 38 municipalities in the urban area via 100 km distribution network and 4 large wells: the Iles well, the Joppet well, the Pasteur well and the St-Jean-de-la-Porte well. Thanks to them, 80% of the urban area is supplied with drinking water!

Naturally clean, our water does not undergo any special treatment except in case of risk of contamination.

Find the power point presentation of the permeable city conference

The next events and activities open to the public (after booking with the organizers):

Visit Chambéry Water City? 1 and 8 June from 15:00 to 16:30 from Hôtel de Cordon.
Street art workshop in the center of Chambéry, Saturday 18 June from 10am to 12pm to mark wildlife areas using stencils.
Travel to discover the living earth in the Buisson Rond Park, Saturdays June 25 and July 2 from 6 p.m. 10 a.m. to noon.
Excursion: water, source of life at the Parc du Talweg, Wednesday 20 July from kl. 10.00 to 12.00 and from kl. 14.00 to 16.00.

In the fall of 2022, the debates and actions will continue. Collaborative workshops open to all will also be offered to discuss and co-construct action proposals aimed at making the city more permeable.

Permeable City Access Program

Let’s together give its place back to the water!

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