EnviroFest 2022 – “The Mediterranean, the odyssey of life”, by Frédéric Fougea: A fascinating journey in the big blue

In 79 minutes, Frédéric Fougea’s documentary, “Mediterranean, the odyssey of life”, tells this sea that unites 27 countries that no one has yet done. The power of his images embodies a fascinating journey to meet the animals and plants that live hundreds of thousands of leagues under water. The film was shown last Sunday as part of the fifth edition of EnviroFest.

“There is a world very close to us where nature still hides some of its most beautiful secrets.

A rift in the earth’s crust between Africa, Asia and Europe. Mediterranean Sea ! A deep sea where an exceptional wildlife reigns. The water is so blue that it attracts travelers from all over the world. This sea saw the birth of civilizations, the first cities, the first navigators. No natural space has been so marked by the human presence. How does the living adapt to us? “.

It is with these words, narrated by Camélia Jordan’s marvelous voice, that the magnificent documentary by Frédéric Fougea, “Mediterranean, the odyssey of life” begins. The 79-minute film was shown yesterday afternoon at the Cité de la culture as part of the fifth edition of EnviroFest Tunisia (from 20 to 25 May) in a room half full of children. This documentary event, broadcast on April 21, 2022 on France 2, required two years of filming in fifteen different countries. These two years of filming were necessary for the director to report on an endangered but very vibrant ecosystem. It is something to say to the new generations to make them aware of the protection of this inland sea, which is so valuable for the ecological balance of the 27 countries around it, an ocean that has fed millions of people in centuries.

resilience of the Mediterranean

While avoiding alarmism and disaster, Frédéric Fougea has succeeded in this bet. By throwing the spectator hundreds of thousands of leagues under the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, the instructor makes the animals his protagonists, assumes their views, reveals their affect and demonstrates their genius, especially to orient themselves in the blue infinity. the ocean. A turtle crosses the Mediterranean from France to Greece to lay its eggs on the beach where she was born, bluefin tuna takes an epic journey from the Atlantic to breed, where they were born, in the Mediterranean, a stork raises the sky off the sea to build its nest on its shores, somewhere on the Italian shores. Life drives them all. They make the wealth of biodiversity in this region of the world. But plastic, “The equivalent of 34,000 plastic bottles land in the Mediterranean every minute,” says Camélia Jordan’s soft voice, the intense maritime traffic and the overexploitation of halite resources represent real dangers to these species.

“How do wild animals manage to give birth, raise their young, grow up, seduce themselves, surpass themselves, conquer new territories?

And this sea. The attack from all sides …

How does she withstand the pressure?

How does she heal her wounds? And to be reborn? “.

The text for “Mediterranean, the odyssey of life”, claimed by Camélia Jordana, is as beautiful as the images that parade on screen and that we never get tired of. And despite the ecological disasters, the Mediterranean finds in its bowels the strength to regenerate. Great is its ability for resilience. The proof, thirty years after an oil spill, the wreck of an oil tanker now holds corals and fish!

Despite the length, the young audience present in the room watched the film to the end and actively participated in the debate, which followed, moderated by Hisham Ben Khamsa, chairman of EnviroFest and Yassine Sghaier, from Spa / Rac, or the regional activity center for special protected areas.

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