“Roots & Wings” discovers Mediterranean treasures this Wednesday, May 25 at France 3

“Roots and wings” on the TV program for this Wednesday, May 25, 2022. A few days before the opening of the replica of the Cosquer Cave in Marseille, Carole Gaessler invites you to discover this evening at. 21.10 this treasure of prehistoric heritage, with exclusive and unique images. This film will be followed by a documentary about “La Provence, the land of rebellion”.


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“Roots & Wings”: Documentaries for this Wednesday night

“Cosquer Cave, a Heritage Jewel”

Calanques National Park celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2022. Located at the gates of Marseilles, this unique natural area of ​​France hides one of the most valuable treasures in our heritage: Cosquer Caves, the only underwater cave decorated with cave paintings in France.

Discovered by diver Henri Cosquer, this prehistoric jewel covered in paintings and engravings bears the rare testimony of mankind’s first artists. These men and women who lived in the creek more than 20,000 years ago!

But it is now threatened with extinction due to rising water. To allow as many people as possible to admire its wonders, a partial copy will soon open its doors at Mediterranean villain Marseille.

We have followed the careful and difficult work done by artists and technicians working on this facsimile.

This cave is inseparable from its natural environment; Marseilles rivers. At the gateway to France’s second city, this sanctuary protects fragile nature and biodiversity. The creation of Calanques National Park in 2012 has enabled the restoration and preservation of many terrestrial and marine spaces.

But a decade after its creation, efforts are complex, and this site must face new challenges, especially to regulate a very significant increase in the frequency of protected areas, reinforced since the covid crisis.

We will follow the patient work of the eco-guards with responsibility for protecting this natural and fragile environment, which hides a treasure of humanity.

A movie by Jacques Pleasant and Nadia Cleitman


“Provence, the land of rebellion”

Since the Middle Ages, Provence has been rebellious. This epic story is told through citadels and castles that still mark this area today.

Louis XIV decided in XVIIand century, to provide Marseille with two monumental citadels to put an end to the revolt of the city of Marseille. Nicolas Faucherre is a historian. He makes us discover the impressive Fort Saint-Nicolas, an unknown place forbidden to the public, with its cannons still pointing towards the city to dampen the spirit of independence in Marseillais. A spirit inherited from centuries of history.

This resistance began in the twelfthand century on the Baux-de-Provence site. Aldo Bastié, cultural heritage historian, tells us how the county of Provence, an independent territory of the Kingdom of France, at that time came under the control of the Counts of Barcelona. Raymond des Baux refuses to submit to this foreign domination and is waging a relentless war against the Catalans. It was the beginning of the Baussenque Wars, which set the country on fire for almost twenty years, of which the dizzying place of Les Baux-de-Provence is the most spectacular legacy.

150 years after the Baux family’s uprising, another conflict shook Provence. Direction Avignon and the famous Palais des Papes, a real fortress sought by Pope Benedict XII. Curator Julien Gallon explains how this monumental building allows the pope to seek refuge while demonstrating his unique power.

In response, King Philippe Le Bel fortified the French bank of the Rhône with the construction of the impressive Fort Saint-André, the emblem of royal power in the light of the growing power of the papacy.

But in the middle of the fourteenthand century, while the city of the popes flourishes, a great conflict will sweep all the others away. Provence suffered the bulk of the aftermath of the Hundred Years’ War. During periods of ceasefire, mercenaries ravage the region and plunder cities and landscapes. The powerful monastery of Montmajour is a destination for choice. Armelle Baduel, the site administrator, makes us discover this unique place in Provence : one of the only fortified monasteries in the region with its 26 meter high tower protecting a magnificent Benedictine monastery, a masterpiece of Provencal Romanesque art.

Finally, in Tarascon, we will discover on the banks of the Rhône the sumptuous castle of King René, built in the 15th.and century. King René will be the last guardian of this rebellious Provence. In 1482, Provence was definitively attached to the Kingdom of France, but the spirit of these men, who for centuries fought against all powers, is forever rooted in this country.

A movie by Julie Zwobada and Julien Viala.


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