TEST Sniper Elite 5: trip in contact with Normandy

Carl Fairburne is certainly not ready to retire, the American sniper is back in a new shooting and stealth game, still developed by Rebellion. World War II is changing as the Americans prepare to land in France. Does this Sniper Elite 5 manage to hit the target by offering a refreshing adventure and erasing the flaws in the previous part? Well, yes and no.

The gameplay is very free, the possibilities are many.

Sniper Elite 5 begins in May 1944, when the war will experience a major upheaval with the arrival of the Americans in Europe. Karl Fairburne is responsible for preparing the ground for them by carrying out numerous sabotage missions and eliminating Nazi officers, thanks to the help of the local resistance. Quickly, his actions go back to his earsAbelard Møllerin general SS who is secretly preparing for the operation crack. Carl will have to figure out what it is and above all prevent it. On the writing page, Rebellion does not revolutionize anything, we have here a very conventional and predictable war history, especially if you know the franchise well. The goal is to kill Nazis and destroy their military complexes to win the war, nothing original on the horizon, the scenario can be followed through intermediate sequences and dialogues with unattractive characters. Same Karl Fairburne remains flat and bears his nickname “Shadow” so well that he never shines except in his actions.

Where the developers have tried to innovate a bit is involved gameplay. As a reminder, the franchise Sniper Elite suggests infiltrating levels that are more and more open during the episodes, to achieve various purposes in a fairly free way, and above all to poke bullets into the Nazis’ skulls at a long distance, taking care not to get hurt. , by camouflaging the sound of his shots with the environment in particular. Well, that point is largely ignored in this Sniper Elite 5, with many more closed levels. half the time, wide expanses to shoot everything that moves, makes room for narrower alleys or corridors, which transforms gameplay in real stealth games to Metal Gear Solid or at Splinter cell. Discretion remains in order, with the ability to distract or bypass enemies to attack them in close combat from behind (then store their corpses in trash cans), and especially to use silencers on all weapons. Players have access to a weapons depot before each mission or directly in the level, provided they find it themselves personalize their equipment, whether it is the objects carried (bandages, grenades, mines) and especially the accessories on the firearms;, including silencers and sonic bullets, necessary to discreetly eliminate an enemy without making noise at a distance if the surroundings do not allow to cover the noise from the shot. This happens a lot, in narrow levels, but bullets are rare, so you need to explore the environment well to get the most out of it, but there are always several solutions to a problem.

A point reminiscent of the last trilogy Hitman, Sniper Elite 5 contains an open map with collectibles to open passages, secondary targets and a lot of ways to complete the mission. that gameplay is very free, the possibilities are many : Avoid the guards to focus on the mission, shoot everyone with machine guns, eliminate soldiers from a distance and make everyone panic, place mines or explosives to destroy patrols on foot or in vehicles, the player is free to play as he pleases in this sandbox, even if the noisy sniper rifle is set aside. But if you still want to force the shot from a distance, it is gameplay do not change here, with more or less realistic ballistics depending on the degree of difficulty, the player must predict the direction of the ball according to the wind and the distance. With help activated it is simple, indicators are present on the viewfinder, but without … it is up to talent (or luck), because if it is quite simple to control the fall of the ball, it is impossible to compensate for the wind without visual elements . At least the infamous X-ray camera is even more satisfying to get in those cases, as it shows the trajectory of the bullet through the enemy’s body in slow motion, and it now works for pistol or submachine gun fire. ! It’s still so much funthe player can even move the camera a bit and control the slow motion speed to get the most out of the moment.

If we go back to the cards, there are eight in this Sniper Elite 5, or as many missions (with a 9th mission as an epilogue), with therefore open environments, often in nature, or closed places, such as military installations. Well, given the era in which the game takes place, there are not many surprises, we find green plains, French villages in ruins, white and cold Nazi corridors, the artistic management has a hard time surprising or seducingwhere the last two opuses in Africa and Italy offered a more atypical setting for a game during World War II.

The AI ​​is still not the strong point of the NPCs, adding a real threat with an enemy player increases the tension.

Sniper Elite 5 ArmoryPlaces already seen, except maybe Mont-Saint-Michel, in the heart of the campaign (it’s on the jacket), but which are named here Beaumont-Saint-Denis. The island and its monastery are still recognizable, giving a very original level, based on verticalityideal to become familiar with the new climbing opportunities Karl Fairburne, now able to climb certain walls to bypass or surprise his enemies. Another level in a large castle is also worth a detour, with constant corridors but an open architecture, for a particularly stressful infiltration. But in a general way, the player develops in familiar soil, and it’s a shame because the content is essential and invites us to explore every corner : secondary missions, killing officers in a precise way to unlock a weapon, gameplay for free, the replayability is great. And thankfully, for in a first part without taking the lead, Sniper Elite 5 ends in about ten hours. Add a few pieces to accomplish the optional goals perfectly and we have a very correct lifespan, not to mention the ability to restart the mission to discover new passages and opportunities for gameplay.

This only applies to the single player campaign, which the title of Rebellion includes other conditions, including classic multiplayer (deathmatch alone, two or four, scoring and shooting where the teams are separated by a barrier), collaboration for the entire campaign or even survival. But the big news of this Sniper Elite 5 is the mode Invasion, to activate or not in the options. When a player completes a single-player mission, they can be invaded by another online player playing as a Nazi soldier who must track them down and eliminate them. Carl must therefore remain discreet or on the contrary catch the attacker to eliminate him, at the risk of being killed (and leave again at the last checkpoint, death is not very punitive in the game). AI is still not the strong point of the NPCs in this opus, adding a real threat with a hostile player increases the excitement, Carl is really in a corner between the soldiers and his opponent this time equipped with intelligence and able to surprise him. A multiplayer duel dimension that invites itself into the solo is worth noting, though it can sometimes happen at the worst of times, but it is possible to disable the ability toInvasion in the settings even though the mission has already started.

Let’s finally focus on the technical part of Sniper Elite 5. If the artistic direction struggles to shine, on the graphic side, it’s a bit the same. The title reminds us of that Rebellion do not yet have the budget to make a real AAA who loses his jaw, it’s far from ugly, a few small reflections and light effects raise the level, but overall it’s very classic, with conventional textures a little too recycled left and right in the lanes. Voiceovers in English are of the same style, effective, but nothing more, while the sound effects of the weapons manage to be hard-hitting, especially when it comes to accompanying a long-range shot with the bullet thrown out of the barrel afterwards. a loud explosion to end up in an enemy’s head, crush their skull or break the bones in their body. Technically correct at all pointsSniper Elite 5 still suffers from sometimes tense controls when it comes to moving in very closed places or climbing on certain surfaces, however, developers should rectify this very quickly.

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Sniper Elite 5 is the logical continuation of the franchise of Rebellionto a fairly predictable result despite some changes. Contact infiltration is now central to gameplay, although long-range shots fortunately are still there. But the developers seem to want to change the recipe and stick to it a little more Hitman Where Splinter cell, which provides a large sandbox for players. It’s fun, but not very original, though ideas like the state Invasion is there to vary the pleasures. A fifth opus showing that the license is still going around a bithard to say whether one day it will succeed in breaking the monotony.

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  • Gameplay and maps that provide a lot of options
  • Long-distance recording with the X-ray camera, always a pleasure
  • The porch to customize your weapons
  • The Refreshing Invasion Mode
  • A good portion of replayability

The smaller ones

  • An unoriginal story
  • Lots of narrow places, a shame for those who only want to play weapons
  • Devices that smell of deja vu (except two levels)
  • AI still not very smart (but there are better)

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