She invites her mother on a honeymoon to thank her for paying for the wedding … she becomes a couple with her husband and becomes pregnant with him

Lauren Wall, 34, from Twickenham, south-west London, married airport worker Paul White when she was only 19. Her mother Julie, 53, paid 17,000 euros for their wedding, and Lauren, grateful to her mother, offered to accompany them on their honeymoon for two weeks. Only here, 8 weeks later, did her husband Paul move in and nine months later her mother Julie gave birth to her child and announced that they were together.

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Lauren said: “Paul has always had a great time with his mother. I never found it strange because she was his mother-in-law and he was just kind. They laughed a lot together. I did not think at all about worrying. Who would be? I was looking forward to getting married, but our certificate was barely before Paul changed. » Four weeks later, Lauren’s sister used her mother’s phone and found what Lauren was claiming were text messages between Julie and Paul. Her mother denied that anything was going on and said she was crazy for believing in this infidelity. “When I confronted Paul, he turned white like a sheet and refused to let me see his phone” explained Lauren. A few days later, Paul took off his wedding ring and left Lauren and their seven-month-old daughter.

When she found out he had moved in with her mother, she said she could not believe that the two people she loved and trusted more than anyone would treat her that way. And we can easily understand that, because it’s probably one of the worst things a mother can do to her daughter. “Paul may have been an unscrupulous groom, but he is my mother. She is supposed to love and protect me before anyone else. “ she confides.

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Between Lauren and Paul, it all started at a pub in the town of Twickhenam. He immediately asks her for her phone number and sends her a text message the next day to ask her to go to the cinema. From that moment on, they started their relationship as a couple. Lauren quickly became pregnant, and their daughter was born in March 2004, when the couple married shortly after. Five months later, they were married in a beautiful church ceremony with their friends and families. “Mom looked on proudly as we exchanged our vows. He told me he would be with me forever. remembers Lauren.

Lauren remembers that after Paul left, she heard rumors that he was living with his mother, and she saw Julie walking down the street, apparently pregnant. Shocked, she said: “When I saw her on the street and noticed she had a stomach, my mind ran. She squeezed her stomach and said to me, ‘it’s a cyst.’ I felt so bad that I went home and ruined all the pictures. from our wedding. ” She also undertook to divorce. In July 2005, nine months after Paul left, Julie, Lauren’s mother, gave birth to her baby. She tried to pretend that her father was another boyfriend, but Lauren knew the truth. Paul and his mother officially announced that they were a couple that summer and his world fell apart.

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An indelible trust problem

Five years after his marriage to Lauren, Paul married Julie. Lauren even ended up going to her mother’s wedding for her daughter’s sake. “She called me to invite me. It was awkward. I got married on August 14, 2004, they got married on August 15, 2009. It was almost too much to endure, but I did it for my daughter. I went to see my mother marry the same man I had married five years earlier “ they trusted.

Lauren has recently found a new partner and is now happy to be pregnant with her fourth child, but she says what happened will give her trust issues for the rest of her life. “Time is a great healer and mom and I tried to have a normal relationship. But we will never be as close as we used to be and I will never completely trust him again.” explained Lauren.

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And you, how would you have reacted in his place?

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