The essentials of the trip to Nantes 2022

Place du Commerce: “Chromatic facades”

“We wanted to work in places we had not been before and the artists turned them into theaters”, emphasizes Jean Blaise, Director of Voyage à Nantes (VAN). This is literally the case with Commerce. As the transformation of this part of the hypercentre is completed, Alexandre Benjamin Navet, in turn, is redefining the space. The young designer tackles his architecture and his history and installs painted decorations, wooden structures and bright colors there. The installation – some of which can be made permanent – invites you to develop between two and three dimensions …

From Graslin to Félix-Fournier: “The Theater of Operation”

The poster for Voyage à Nantes 2022 shows one of the strange characters that Hélène Delprat brings into the city. A total of forty large black silhouettes, where we recognize knights in armor, monsters and animals, such as. “escaped from a macabre dance”. From Graslin, the creatures ascend in procession down rue Crébillon, adorn the fountain on Place Royale with a flag and take over the esplanade dominated by Saint-Nicolas church.

Bias Street: “Extensions”

A stone’s throw from CHU serves the rue Bias campus and welcomes researchers, students and hospital workers. The circular air car park – a former Peugeot garage from the 1950s – and its surroundings serve as a playground for the Dutchman Krijn de Koning. “The artist wants to deconstruct the space and give it new perspectives, with hues”, explains Marie Dupas, Programming and Production Manager at VAN. On the round shape of the parking lot, circles from green to blue will be placed. In the mirror, four sculptures raised as totems, a large diagram and a slice form Extensions …

Misericordia Cemetery: “The Mirror of Times”

The VAN team discovered Pascal Convert in the convent of Saint-Gildas-des-Bois, where he created the stained glass windows using a very specific bas-relief process. The artist who calls himself “Archaeologist of Time and Memory”, was offered to take over “Nantais Père-Lachaise”. In its oldest part, the visitor discovers four large glass plates depicting a red deer, a deer, a deer and two fawns – the deer is symbolically perceived as “messengers between the living and the dead”. Several works by Pascal Convert, around the notion of the sacred, are also exhibited in the Passage Sainte-Croix.

Porte Saint-Pierre: “A beaver on a wall”

This is not really news when it appeared in 2021. But the hybrid creature that Laurent le Deunff imagined – a beaver adorned with a fishtail – is investing in a new place. From Porte Sauvetout it migrates to Porte Saint-Pierre overlooking the archeological remains.

Castle of the Dukes: “Aam Aastha”

This is the third time that photographer Charles Fréger is exhibiting at the castle. And this time, explains its director Bertrand Guillet, “to open a fantastic season in India”. The 90 works on display – some of which are very large formats – testify to Fréger’s travels to about twenty states on the subcontinent to perpetuate masquerades associated with Indian religions. An exploration as spectacular as it is fascinating.

Talensac Market: “Vending Machines”

Thirteen works by Gavin Pryke, depicting the meeting between a couple, have enchanted rue Joffre since 2015. Ten have been renewed in the British artist’s workshop based in Nantes. The wood vending machines continue their history in a new place: the Talensac market, a hotspot in Nantes for trade in local agricultural and horticultural products. Ten new scenes between humor and love, to enjoy without moderation!

Caribbean / Santo Domingo: “Meanwhile, Solilab Crosses”

The place dedicated to the social and solidarity economy, on the island of Nantes, “has become one of our new partners”, welcomes Jean Blaise, who describes the work done here by the Vector Workshop as “reveal what we want to do”: “It is the city and its transformation that guides us”. What is it about ? A work of baskets and wooden slats, located between Cantine du Voyage and Solilab, on the former railway station. The installation will remain in place until the development of the Jardin du Rail and Parc de la Loire.

HAB Gallery: “Dive and sign”

Artist Michael Beutler likes to work with fragile materials. He invests the gallery with a monumental installation, whose paper, in large sheets of 6 x 2 m, is the mainstay and responds to the concrete of architecture. The Berliner opened one of the gallery’s skylights to install a mill that operates machines that break down the stages of papermaking. ” For him, notes Jean Blaise, the production process is as important as the result. »

On two trams: “Weightlessness”

The partnership between VAN and Semitan – which, among other things, has resulted in the artistic decoration of the e-bus lanes – continues. In 2022, two tram trains will become mobile works of art thanks to the painter Julien Colombier, an autodidact “working on the jungle, nature”. This “repeats its geometric and vegetable patterns occupied and creates a hypnotic organic environment for the viewer”.

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