Vincent Dabadie, a Verriérois who invites you to look elsewhere

Vincent Dabadie grew up in Verrières-le-Buisson and now lives in Morocco. Following a career at SNCF, this wildlife enthusiast wants to launch a magazine to show how humans and animals coexist around the world.

A passion stays on standby, it never goes out“, Assures Vincent Dabadie. Driven by a fascination with wildlife, the 43-year-old Verriérois held it throughout his professional career, which, however, took place on the tarmac well north of the Equator. Now living in Morocco, Vincent, along with five other collaborators, is launching the magazine “Vivant”, which invites you to see what is happening elsewhere, between men and wildlife.

Vincent Dabadie was born in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. He spent his youth in Verrières-le-Buisson, where his parents still live. ” It’s my anchor point, I go back there quite often. With a license for 20 years with the Trait d’Union de Verrières-le-Buisson (TUVB), he plays football there. To whet his thirst for animal knowledge, Vincent eats National Geographic VHS tapes that his father has brought back. ” You could see tigers and other Indian wildlife there.“, Vincent remembers. After studying law at the Sorbonne, Vincent joined the RATP through the legal department before entering the procurement department, operations management and project management. Positions that have allowed him to invest in major projects, in France, such as the T7 in Essonne, the current Grand Paris project, or even abroad, such as the tram in Rio (Brazil) or even the first electrified train in Dakar ( Senegal).

It was in the 2000s that Vincent traveled the world. ” Africa, Latin America, Asia … In a reserve in Rajasthan (India), Vincent meets a tiger, his totem animal. ” It was a magical moment, I realized a childhood dream […] His orange striped coat, the look he has when he grabs you, it’s magnetic […] He is superb and very handsome. » There, he notes a genuine philosophy of sharing resources between the different species“, human and animal. So to show these benevolent policies towards animals that can only command admiration, Vincent decides to launch the magazine” Vivant “.

The first issue takes you on a journey to India.
€ 14,409 raised out of the expected € 20,000

An independent quarterly magazine of about 130 pages, whose fundraising launch runs until June 2. The project has mobilized € 14,409 at the moment, out of the expected € 20,000. Enriched with video content and podcasts, the magazines will be composed of articles, interviews and reports, where the word will be given to ” actors in the field of conservation (indigenous peoples, local NGOs, associations and responsible authorities …) “. The first issue will deal in particular with” legal battle for the Soliga tribe, who live on a reserve in the Karnataka region (India), where 140 of their places of worship are also located. The other, wolves and biodiversity in the forest. We will talk about the French Alps, the Himalayas and Patagonia. The next ones should focus on endangered species in Africa or on maritime biodiversity..

Intended for the general public, these publications would also have their place in schools. ” Children ask themselves a lot of very interesting questions. And those are the ones who will be in our place tomorrow. If you also want to explore, understand, respect and protect, you can contribute to the birth of this magazine by participating in the kitten.


The other contributors

Four other people are involved in this project along with Vincent Dabadie. First there is Pierre Chéron, animal photographer and videographer who has traveled the world for 40 years, Agnès Escriva, author photographer, invested for four years in an association for the protection of cheetahs. Julie Lasne, curator and field scientist. Anne-Laure Chanteloup, journalist who lived in India for six years. The team also consists of volunteers. It should be noted that if Vincent Dabadie wants to take on the role of publishing director for the first time within the framework of this magazine, he has already contributed to writing journals on biodiversity in India and chaired conferences in schools in Morocco, On the same subject.


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