What destination should you take during your vacation to spend unforgettable moments?

The good weather will be there in the northern part of the globe and you can choose to stay there. However, summer is also the time to go on adventures and go on a long trip!

Ideas for destinations to facilitate your choice for the summer of 2022. Depending on the activities you would prefer and the number of people you need to take care of, you will choose a European country or a little further afield.

Find out which are the most beautiful travel destinations to spend your summer vacation 2022 in this article!

Destination to go to the beach

If you absolutely want to take advantage of the warm climate of Europe, you can choose to stay in the beautiful territory of France. In Brittany, beaches with emerald-colored water that sparkles under the sun. It therefore remains an optional destination during the next holiday. And above all, if you just want to enjoy the sun every day!

Moreover, the reputation of Brittany coast no longer to be justified. You can discover the shores of Granit, the Iroise coast, the shores of the legends or even Abers. During the summer you can expect to attend music festivals or other folk festivals. You can take the opportunity to learn local dances and immerse yourself in the culture of the region.

The sun-thirsty can rejoice in the good weather that prevails all over the outskirts of the Mediterranean. To stay in Europe but leave France, you can choose to go to Spanish territory or to Portugal. However, Croatia also offers wonders to discover. If you are a fan of history, the cultural archives of Greece or Italy promise well.

For those who want to see the former French territories, head to Port Louis. Mauritius will be immersed in the middle of the southern winter and a temperature of about 20 to 25 ° C. If you are considering taking another trip Madagascar be aware that temperatures are cooler there. On the other hand, the west coast is much more accommodating.

The routes to take for hiking lovers

In the summer holidays of 2022, it is the beautiful season throughout Europe. If you are planning to hike as a family, your travel destination should include the Balkans such as: Albania, Serbia, Romania, etc. The marches in the mountain ranges are followed by stops in small villages and monasteries. To then take a break in unique surroundings on the beaches of the Black Sea.

In it The Azores, all kinds of flowers adorn the green meadows. And the water temperature is around 20 °, for a quiet summer swim. But beyond that, we walk peacefully in the center. The lush vegetation offers a fantastic view. These are must-have travel destinations.

Also, if you absolutely want to stay with your family, you will definitely want to discover North America during your summer trip. We have great pleasure in admiring the greatness of nature alaska freeways. A travel destination that will surely delight all members of the family. You will be able to appreciate the runoff of rivers that are free of ice in the region.

But you can too go to canada and discover that the Rockies region is relatively calm with a more or less tolerant temperature. Take a trip to the heart of the Canadian prairies and enjoy your vacation freely. In Quebec, the temperature can reach 30 ° C for camping in the woods.

Skiing during his summer trip!

If Europe wants to be in the middle of summer in July, it is possible to ski under the winter skies of South America. To practice this sport during your journey, go to argentina and enjoy the skiing mountains of Patagonia.

You can also select the domains for Andes mountain range in Chile. If your trip leaves you in Santiago, the nearest club is El Colorado. But Valle Nevado is bigger to stay in shape until next season.

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