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At the tourist office in Brittany Côte de Granit Rose, the answer is clear: There is no “dog-friendly” brand. But in the taste guide given to the office, there is a presentation of restaurants, bars and cafes with various pictograms, including the one indicating that dogs on a leash are allowed. The same goes for overnight stays. On the other hand, there is nothing in the Leisure Guide that indicates whether doggies are accepted or not. It is up to the master to consult the websites or to call before you leave.

Although tourist offices like to provide accommodation and rental information that is available with a dog, they do not have a specific brand. (Telegram / Françoise Tavernier)

And the beaches?

If each tourist office is able to inform visitors about the approved beaches for dogs, it should be noted that the dates vary from municipality to municipality, which does not allow editing of a support. But in principle, the hosts mention this type of information on their own page. And the tourist office is happy to provide a list of beaches available for dogs in Trégor, at any given time, which may vary.

Read on the subjectOn the beach of Saint-Michel-en-Grève, a red zone is forbidden for animals

beach prohibited for animals
In Saint-Michel-en-Grève, things are clear … but not easy! Pay attention to the dates (forbidden from May 1 to September 30) and the demarcated area, not so easy to measure. (Telegram / Françoise Tavernier)

Dogs and cars do not mix

The most important ? Prepare your trip well in advance. The sad story of two dogs, Lulu and Nimbus, who died of dehydration in July 2021, after a long journey from Maubeuge (59) to Ploubazlanec, illustrates this: the dogs suffer a lot from the heat in the car during the journey, but also when it stays still , or when the car is parked for a long time. So the car as a refuge we forget.

An insoluble puzzle?

Because of course it’s not good to leave your dog in the car. But what if the restaurant denies them? If the beach is forbidden to them? If we can not leave them alone in the hotel room, mobile home or gîte? The puzzle can turn into a nightmare.

Saint Efflam beach
In Saint-Michel-en-Grève, things are clear: all access to the beach bears these unambiguous signs. (Telegram / Françoise Tavernier)

The solution? Leaving your dog in a kennel, knowing that it will cost an average of € 20 a day, food included and the vaccines need to be updated. If you have several dogs, the bill can be steep … There are also grooming families for dogs ( That said, many dog ​​owners cannot see themselves leaving without their pets. And that is what will guide their choices.

beach dog
If many beaches are accessible to dogs in the winter, it is different in the summer, even if the dog is on a leash. Questions about hygiene and peace of mind. (Telegram / Françoise Tavernier)

Find a compatible dog home

While most campsites accept dogs (preferably small ones!), They often charge a supplement of around € 2 to € 3 per person. dog pr. day. And of course, there is no question of leaving the dog alone in the rental or in the car. Visits to museums, exhibitions, the swimming pool … You must forget that. On the other hand, the hiking trails are open to dogs on a leash, without restriction.

Take your dog on holiday
He also wants to go on vacation! And above all to follow his master wherever he goes … (Le Télégramme / Françoise Tavernier)

For hotels, cabins or rentals, the “accept animals” option will arrange the sorting. On the Gîtes de France page, the mention “welcome to animals” indicates the accommodation that accepts them free of charge.

Some accommodations state that they only accept dogs under 30 kg (leave the golden retriever and the Australian shepherd, the French dogs’ favorite dogs), some accept two or even three dogs, but this is very rare. A supplement is often requested (2 to 3 € per day and per dog, but sometimes up to 20 €!). To quickly target dog-friendly accommodation, there are many websites: Emmè, for example, that assign a Qualidog brand to hotels and campsites, depending on whether they are more or less “dog-friendly”. Pet Friendly Label is a Facebook community, a “pet friendly” hotel reservation site, that guarantees a warm welcome to animals. You can also consult the Holiwoof website and; The list is not exhaustive.

In Plestin-les-Grèves, things are clear: all accesses to the beach carry these signs. (Telegram / Françoise Tavernier)

What about bars and restaurants?

Many bars accept dogs and even offer them a bowl of fresh water; restaurants are sometimes more reluctant when it comes to eating inside. That said, in Lannion, for example, 12 out of 16 restaurants listed by the tourist office accept dogs. Better than a calm and well-trained dog who does not disturb the service or the other consumers. Same if you want to market: not easy to navigate between the stalls with a dog on a leash, in the markets of Palestine or Lannion, which are often crowded.

Head towards the forest or the countryside, away from the tourist circuits! But be careful if you are walking in a nature reserve or a protected area, the dog must be attached. (Telegram / Françoise Tavernier)

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