Fired from his company, he condemns animal cruelty

“Skinny calves”

“I have witnessed unjust violence against …

“Skinny calves”

“I have witnessed unjust violence against animals, I have seen calves that had broken their legs, that were shot or killed with shots or hammer blows in the yard, slaughtered by colleagues who shared the meat,” says Jean-Cyril Bonnet. Things that should no longer be seen in the subject and that I have always refused to do. In two years, there were nearly thirty cases, consistent with the entire then chain of command. »

“I was told if you’re not happy, just walk away …”

he pursues. “I have seen the animals beaten into overloaded trucks. But what the breeders do not see doing, that is also why I want to talk about it so that they can open their eyes to the mistreatment of the animals they entrust to us. »

Jean-Cyril Bonnet also mentions “the use of veterinary products from Spain.” Products which he claims to have found and photographed in September 2021 in Saint-Pierre-de-Clairac, and which he kept a few samples of: Selectan, Boflox , Hymatil and Deyanil (read opposite). “We brag about respecting the co-op rules, and when we condemn it, we get thrown out. They told me if you’re not happy, just walk away … And the employees are afraid of losing their jobs. According to him, treatments with these products have been discontinued since he threatened to expose this practice.

Veterinary products under control

When asked, the National Veterinary Medicines Agency (ANSES) states that “medicines approved in Spain are approved according to the same standards as in France and in Europe, so they do not pose a danger to the consumer. In order to use them, on the other hand, they must have been the subject of an import permit from us in advance at the request of a veterinarian. As Selectan and Boflox are approved in France, no import permit will be issued. Hymatil, based on tilmicosin, and Denayil based on dexamethasone, are not approved in France. However, we have similar approved veterinary drugs. Therefore, no import permit will be issued either. In summary, these Spanish medicines cannot be used legally in France. »

“Overloaded trucks”

Jean-Cyril Bonnet was fired for serious misconduct on Thursday, March 24, 2022. “During a tour, on September 27, 2021, there was a hole in the floor of the truck and a cow passed through it. These trucks are often overloaded. I was able to recover the cow in good condition, install a temporary steel plate and return, but I was forced to leave with it, load cows, a bull and calves together without separating them, which is forbidden. two cows, without serious or financial consequences, but I was accused of serious misconduct, even though I did what I was asked! Psychologically it is difficult. They let the procedure drag on for several months to force me to resign, which “I refused. I have nothing to pay for the house.”

“The dismissal took place some time after this deadline and should be canceled”

It’s M.e Yann Delbrel, lawyer in Marmande, who will be responsible for defending Jean-Cyril Bonnet in the labor courts for his dismissal, disputed by Expalliance. A dismissal whose cause – serious misconduct – would not be directly related to the complaints lodged by Mr. Bonnet or to the prescribed practice. “A firing that does not like for simple reasons. The employer has a deadline of two months to sanction an employee’s offense, otherwise it is obsolete. In his case, the dismissal took place well after this deadline and should be annulled. The lawyer adds: “I have the feeling of dealing with an intelligent, very clear, not at all aggressive or vengeful person who knows the sector well. »

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