HUMOR Florent Peyre, “a stage animal” released into the wild

Already more than 200 performances in just over a year. Florent Peyre continues the journey to his show entitled “Nature”, which he presents on Saturday 28 May at the Palais des Congrès in Cap d’Agde. Message to Gardois, a date is also scheduled in Nîmes on January 15, 2023 in the auditorium of the Novotel Atria. Interview.

Gard goals: “Nature”, is it a way to take on your green activist side?

Florent Peyre : It’s a title with two readings. I’m actually talking about nature, although the theme of the performance is more of a troupe’s life on a premiere night, life in a theater behind the scenes and on stage. But in the background is the topic of ecology, which I try not to deal with, to let spread to the spectators. And “Nature” is also because, I make all the characters alone, without decor, without props.

What image of ecology do you convey in this show?

I do not believe in radicalism, whatever the subject. It is true that we often have the image of the moralizing ecologist who constantly says: ” do not, do not … It’s shit, it’s urgent, it’s over. »Which is partly true if you read certain reports … In the show, Florentine, who is a very deformed self in the purpose of history, this kind of ecologist, a bit radical, angry. But since there are 20 characters around him, it allows us to approach the subject of ecology through as many prisms as there are characters. And in the end, everyone will take a step towards each other to come to a kind of more consensual path that I believe in. Even though I believe that the absolute priority today is this climate change and this ecological emergency.

It’s a hell of an achievement as an actor because you play around twenty characters. Have you ever thought about creating a real troupe to perform this show?

No, it’s way too expensive! The advantage is that I take a stamp corresponding to these 20 characters. (Laughs) I had the chance to do theater, a musical, so troupe life, I know that too. There was the real pleasure of creating this one on stage and making all the characters. It’s a kind of show that I’ve been dreaming about for a very long time, that I offered myself with my co-writers, Philippe Caverivière, Mathieu Burnet and Éric Métayer, who staged me.

Florent Peyre will be on stage at the Palais des Congrès in Cap d’Agde on 28 May.

Do you ever get your brushes mixed?

If it happens sometimes. That is, I make one character’s body and another’s voice, which allows me to do a little improvisation. But when everything is automated and the brain goes at 2,000 per hour, when in 1 hour and 45 minutes you go from one character to another in a fraction of a second, when everything is fluid, and when the spectators completely follow the story , Is it exciting. In addition, you come to arouse the viewer’s imagination, where he is not always invited according to the shows offered to him. An imaginary that is pretty crazy, at one point we find ourselves with a polar bear, an Inuit grandmother talking to Joe Biden on a paddle … It’s very cartoonish, and yet people see it and take the trip. Besides, I make myself travel on the road.

And to give some kind of musical comedy to this show, was that obvious?

Of course, no. But I have a great passion for musicals, which woke up in 2013 when I was making “Spamalot”. I developed this appetite for musicals, I also worked on singing for about ten years. When we thought of the troupe when we wrote, it was primarily theater, but I wanted to have fun. In fact, I only gave myself presents. I pampered myself with a very nice playground. At first it was just a few songs, and then little by little we got the idea of ​​a musical. I dared to ask Pascal Obispo to make the music.

We know Pascal Obispo pretty much up to the joke. But how did you present the project to him?

We had already met on TV, and Philippe Caverivière writes for Enfoirés, so he knows Pascal well too. So I just wrote to him. We called back in the evening and I told him about the show, which was really in its infancy, but he liked it. He is someone who has a lot of humor and who likes to walk in unfamiliar terrain. And he had the intelligence to mock.

When you take singing lessons for ten years, is it just for fun or is there something behind it? An album, for example?

I really enjoy singing. But I’m a stage animal, so I like to use my little talents. From there to releasing an album, I do not know. Put on the other side a comedy or another musical show, why not. Afterwards, if the opportunity arises to make an album … I’m open to any new adventure. It is not in my immediate plans, but if the public demand is high, I will of course make a Stade de France with an album composed by Vianney! (laughs)

Interview by Stéphanie Marin

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