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Every week, the editors take you to discover a restaurant. Note to lovers of Moroccan cuisine, this week we are taking the direction off Mouroux. Oasis opened just seven months ago and offers traditional and tasty dishes and is already building a good reputation.

The place

It’s new and it stinks. The restaurant l’Oasis opened on October 1, 2021 in the small industrial area of ​​Mouroux and has already made a name for itself in the village. With a capacity of 55 seats inside, and about twenty on the terrace, this establishment is a real invitation to travel, of course for the taste buds, but not only.

From the entrance, a life-size dromedary immediately sets the mood, a unique piece of France imported from the Philippines. While two palm trees stand masterfully against the orange briquette wall. Welcome to Morocco, or almost. Here the tables do not have a number, but bear the name of the country’s cities: Casablanca, Tangier or Marrakech.

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In the bar, made of a hundred-year-old four-meter-long oak tree that fell during the storm in 1999, you can sit down and have a cocktail with colleagues or friends. While we are in the dining room, we lower ourselves on the XXL benches. Here there are no mosaics or tiles. “We wanted to break the codes,” Alexandre Yahia explains, while the speakers broadcast jazz and soul, in a sweet scent of spices. To the right, a wall of plant water trickles. For a relaxing break, a hanging chair.

“An instagrammeable zone”, comments the boss. A change of scenery, but in modernity! The latter imagined his restaurant during his imprisonment. A dream come true.

The mind

A simple password: benevolence. For at the Oasis, it is hospitality and a sense of welcome that reigns. The team is very caring. “Customers do not forget us, a warm welcome is just as important, if not more, than the menu,” analyzes Alexandre Yahia. Result: some may return up to six times a month. Oasis is a bit like their headquarters! We know their first names, their favorite place, etc. “

Regular guests who are therefore not disappointed with the trip. It must be said that the change of scenery is even in the dishes, imported from Morocco. Plates, teapots, etc .: We bought 4000 pieces by a craftsman in a coastal town. Everything is done by hand. It was below covid, the borders were closed. It was my aunt who took care of it on the spot, I shopped on video thanks to Facetime! Note that each board has USB ports for recharging the battery in electronic devices. It is in an atmosphere that is both modern and traditional that lovers of Moroccan cuisine will enjoy themselves at Oasis.

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The team

Alexandre Yahia, 25, is therefore in control. This child of Mouroux of Moroccan origin still remembers the family tables. “I grew up in the kitchen,” the manager says. So when the transport company he worked for closed down, hit by the epidemic, it was only natural that Alexandre Yahia decided to take over the vacant premises in the Mouroux area to open his restaurant. : ” I said to myself.

that covid would eventually disappear. The room is large, 140 m² and 80 m² room, the private parking space makes parking easy. There are no other restaurants in the area. It really was a great opportunity. »

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In her project, Alexandre Yahia involves her husband, 24-year-old Alicia Abella. The latter is definitely leaving his job at Sephora in Val d’Europe to embark on the adventure. Two chefs complete this family team.

The plate

It is therefore a real culinary journey that awaits visitors to the Oasis. On the plate, generous portions of meze in six flavors, ramekins consisting of Moroccan salads, a bestseller to start the meal. Always as a starter, brick with minced meat but also with tuna and vegan. As a main course of course the essential couscous. Vegetarian, merguez, meatballs, lamb or chicken: choose for yourself!

The house specialty? The mechoui made from lamb shank flavored with cumin and coarse salt, but also Royal Oasis, a couscous with a mixture of all meats.

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The chef also makes room for tajines: lemon-flavored chicken, olives, lamb and veal simmered with almonds. For dessert, a selection of Moroccan cakes, gazelle horns, makrout and its delicious orange blossom, pistachio almonds and honey puff pastry or even briouats.

The bill

The complete card adapts to any kind of budget. On average, it costs 28 € for a starter, a main course and a dessert. The restaurant also offers a children’s menu for € 9.90.

Where and when ?

Oasis is located at 42 Rue du Bois Pouty in Mouroux

Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday at 12:00 to 15:00 and at 19:00 to 22:30 (a little later in the weekend).

Such. : 01 64 04 70 02.

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