Pontpoint. Expulsion Procedure: Travelers must leave the stadium by tonight

The gendarmes make sure the caravans leave Pontpoint Stadium. – Photo credit: Otto Beaumont-Senn / Oise Hebdo

Travelers settled down at Pontpoint Stadium on Monday, May 23 during the day. Bruno Dauguet, the city’s mayor, wanted to put an end to these recurring illegal occupations of public space. Travelers’ settlements are usually made by forcing the doors to the facilities and then preventing the holding of events, mainly sporting events.
It was about to smash through the net on Monday that the travelers invaded the stadium. A young deputy from the city, Julien Manot, who had wanted to prevent this, paid the price: he was seriously pushed around. He decided to lodge a complaint the next morning with the Pont-Sainte-Maxence gendarmerie.

This is a real invasion of the football field. We had planned demonstrations and they were made very complicated because of this presenceexplains the mayor today. There was especially a fishing enduro on the adjacent pond where real enthusiasts participated with quite expensive equipment. We had to negotiate so they could continue their competition. The organizers, for their part, preferred to hire the services of a dog handler to be sure to be quiet.

I actually do not see myself rejecting associations that legally request access to the stadium and the pond, to get there under the pretext of an invasion of caravans installed illegally“, Bruno Dauguet insists.

When we refuse to enter society, we expose ourselves to invectives at best, to violence at worst.

Bruno Dauguet, Mayor of Pontpoint

Therefore, a procedure was initiated by the city to free up public space. Travelers who had experience with the exercise immediately appealed. A well-developed trick: at the time of processing the appeal, no expulsion is possible. This is how Travelers settle down for one or two weeks on municipal land without risking large fines.

What poses a problem for the first judge in the municipality is the lack of response from the state to these recurring questions. “We are all too often mentioned, but when we deny access to the community, we expose ourselves to insults at best, to violence at worst. We are not here to receive blows, so in fact, when society seems too determined, we can not help but let them get into public facilities. We can only refer to the prefect. That is not normal. Power must remain with the law“, Bruno Dauguet repeats.

And the mayor also remembers “that a municipal decree issued in 2018 in Pontpoint municipality prohibits parking of vehicles on wheels for living in its area ”. A decree there “allows the verbalizationBut fines are rarely paid immediately.

Forced to break the camp

An expulsion order from the prefecture was finally signed on Wednesday 25 May with a view to an estimated expulsion no later than Friday morning the 27th. But the mayor apologizes:This will be done again with probable damage, which we hope will be limited, theft of water and electricity and procedural costs for the community of municipalities, not to mention the disposal of miscellaneous waste.“.

For Bruno Dauguet, it is all the more unfortunate that a solution had been found with the help of the prefecture and the gendarmerie. More specifically, two legal accommodation solutions for all caravans in Jaux and Gouvieux, both of which were rejected by travelers.

The police are therefore on duty on Friday the 27th afternoon. Travelers will have to break the camp. They no longer have a choice.

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