This Algeria and its vassal facing the wall and who only want us well

By threatening Morocco with “command operations” in the cities of the southern regions of the kingdom, the separatists in the service of their capo overlords in Algiers have once again braided their feet by subscribing, like good vassals, under the subjugation of their overlords. , the senile in Algiers.

The military leader of the puppet movement, Mohamed El Ouali Akik, roared loudly and clearly from Tindouf on Algerian territory that “The war will spread to the Moroccan cities of Dakhla, Laâyoune, Smara and Boujdour with command operations against Moroccan targets” burned his wings. It sinks into unknown territory and registers Polisario at the same level as the list of terrorist organizations that are diligent in fighting in the same way as Daesh or Al-Qaeda. ” These threats, like Islamic jihadism and its violent methods, do not correspond to the culture of Sahrawi society and will only accelerate the inclusion of Polisario on the blacklist of terrorist groups. “warned the Sahrawi Movement for Peace (MSP), led by Haj Ahmed, a former leading member of the separatist movement.

Separatist threats against Morocco, Spain, France … “Not even scared”

Polisario adopts “a new threat strategy”, notes the MSP and expresses its strongest rejection of “this unfortunate use of language, which will only prolong the conflict and suffering of the Sahrawi people”. The separatist movement on the path it has taken will certainly end up on the list of terrorist organizations. All good for the neighborhood to get out of the stalemate, the stalemate and the paralysis where Algiers maintains the fate of this region.

In addition to Morocco, the separatists attacked Madrid in an energy of incredible despair, for having supported the plan of self-government for the kingdom. “There will be consequences that you (Spain) have to pay”, threatened their ungrateful leader Brahim Ghali, who was admitted to Spain for hospitalization in April last year when he was left for dead. France was not left out. She is accused of being the main European supporter of the Moroccan plan for Sahara’s autonomy, which she believes “serious and credible basis ” of conversations and “manipulate the security of the region (…) by rejecting any solution other than the self-government proposal”.

After severing diplomatic ties with Rabat, the Algiers regime has suffered setbacks that hurt it very badly, where it felt it should do well. Whoever wants to be the worst enemy of the kingdom has, by his innumerable mistakes and disappointments, actually become our best ally. Polisario, it is an open secret, is a separatist organization funded and armed for decades by the kapos of the regime that presides over Algeria’s destinies.

When Moroccan diplomacy hurts east of Eden

Afterwards, the success of the Marrakech meeting against Daesh, which got stuck in his throat and the masterful slap that Morocco’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador, Omar Hilale, inflicted on him in Saint Lucia during the UN C4, now Algeria turns on its service . puppet. The indignant separatist movement did not hide his anger and his “concerns” in the light of the joint declarations announced in favor of the Moroccan Sahara Autonomy Plan;. stitch, “errorism is inseparable from separatism, anyone who finances and supports separatist groups with weapons, contributes to the spread of terrorism and endangers regional peace and security“.

Everything is said in two words, no insult to Algiers’ capos. The latter is allied with Iran and Hezbollah. This organization has discovered a new “from” mission by taking responsibility in Syria for the training of separatists in Algiers’ pay. From then on, the military regime alienated Sunni Islam, which is abundant in Algeria. But this is just one of the many deviations from Algeria’s moral obligation that have spread its course since capos have presided over its fate for six decades.

On closer inspection, this ransom for divorce, the failure to renew the Maghreb Europe Gas Pipeline (GME) contract, etc., has also enabled the Kingdom to accelerate its energy dependence and retain its right to use it by exploiting it in reverse. But not the fact that “Wagner”, based on its expansionist policies in Mali in particular and the encouragement of mercenaries, means that it has allowed the Kingdom and the region its strategic military presence, which reassures the United States.

In short, we ignore the rest of the non-exhaustive list of breaches and other attacks that ultimately had a boomerang effect, fires in Kabylie, MAK, and many other miseries that subsequently had the opposite result than expected from the capers of the Algiers. From now on, in the eyes of much of public opinion in Algeria and the international community, the inexplicable Algerian position will also be to use the separatists as an instrument of regional destabilization.

The Sahara for all Moroccans is a matter of sovereignty and therefore a sanctity

To return to the separatist militia maintained by Algiers’ senility, it would make sense to stop at this reflection ofMustapha Tossa, journalist and political scientist, specialist in the Arab issue and expert in European affairs, based in Paris, who as a visionary had informed us about the subject long before the two above-mentioned events in a column in by publishing “the Polisario- the case is an Algerian affair despite its official denials. Algiers remains its sole sponsor, its sole financier. Algeria has mobilized much of its wealth and resources to invest in this separatist adventure. With at the end of this logic a resounding failure “. For him, “The Sahara affair is for all Moroccans a matter of sovereignty and therefore a sanctity, unlike the Algerian citizen, for whom this case concerns only the soldiers of the ANP“.

Mustapha Tossa noted that European countries are aware of this and that some European positions have been somewhat opaque.came out of the fog and therefore understood in the light of the current geostrategic situation that there is no solution to this crisis except under Moroccan sovereignty. This should give the green light to the other European capitals to pave the way for the countries of the EU (European Union) towards a common position that recognizes the Moroccan character of the Sahara. For Mustapha Tossa, there are no other alternatives in the Sahara issue than under Moroccan sovereignty, and the pro-Polisario camp has no choice but to accept the political compromise proposed by Morocco to through autonomy“.

Many countries, especially in Europe, now agree with the Kingdom’s thesis

For Mohamed Talib, Algeria’s specialist and member of the Royal Advisory Council on Sahara Affairs (CORCAS) “the meeting in Marrakech sounded the death knell for Algeria ”, and he agrees with Mustapha Tossa’s words and admits that the situation today has changed. In fact, he notes, “this hint of sympathy enjoyed by the separatist movement in Europe and especially in Scandinavia is gradually being demarcated.“. He will add in support of the statements at the end of the meeting that”Algeria has burned its fingers in encouraging terrorism in the Sahel, especially in Mali, and as long as the Algiers corporals head the state, it is the perpetuation of terrorism and its violence in this region of the world that will make the News“.

Mohamed Talib points to Algiers’ responsibility and states that after the meeting in Marrakech “a new side is opening up because many countries, especially in Europe, are now endorsing the kingdom’s thesis and showing a strong position that will put pressure on all regional actors. The isolation of Algeria and its descendants is certain.

In addition, Europeans respect the economic, political and strategic interests of the Kingdom because it is Win-Win (win-win) “. The separatist dream, Algeria’s spearhead par excellence, is ultimately only“it is an element of instability, strife and war“Assesses Mohamed Talib, who concludes that”the pressure on the Algerian regime is currently such that it has no choice but to rely on the round tables.

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