Villeneuve-sur-Lot. The national dog show returns for bass time on Sunday

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The Territorial Canine Association of Lot-et-Garonne (ACT 47) is hosting its national dog show in Villeneuve-sur-Lot this Sunday, May 29, at the show center on the Route de Fumel.

After a two-year hiatus due to the health situation, the volunteers from the Association canine territorial de Lot-et-Garonne will be mobilized for the organization of this national exhibition and will do everything to offer, as usual a demonstration, quality.

The primary mission of ACT 47, a decentralized body of the Central Canine Society (SCC), is to promote and develop purebred dogs, it is the only organization that is dependent on the Ministry of Agriculture and is authorized to manage dog breeds. . In Villeneuve-sur-Lot, the 10 official cynophilia groups are invited: sheepdogs, guard dogs, terriers, dachshunds, Nordic dogs, dogs, pointers, retrievers and game guides, companion dogs and greyhounds.

Hunting dogs will be in the spotlight in bastide, because although all breeds will be judged, the organizers have managed to achieve a very large number of “breed specialties” that count for the various approvals of titles and ratings, very popular among owners. . Are concerned: Dogs of Saint-Hubert, Bleus de Gascogne, Gascons, Ariégeois, English setters, Gordon setters, Irish setters, pointers, German pointers, French pointers, Bourbonnais pointers, Saint-Germain pointers, Saint-Usuge spaniels and 9 breeds united within the French Spaniel Club.

Twenty judges from all over France will be present to assess the topics presented in relation to the morphological standards of each race. After the award of the deserved qualification, they will have the difficult task of classifying the best subjects.

Two rings of honor

“Our goal of 1,000 dogs present is still relevant, and the magnificent location of the exhibition center as well as the unfailing cooperation of the municipality of Villeneuve-sur-Lot allow us to have a reasonable optimism,” says one organizer. One of the special features of the Villeneuvoise exhibition (only two in France work in this way) lies in the organization of two rings of honor: one at. 11.30 and the other at 16.00 This is to give visitors the opportunity to participate in two shows that bring together the best topics. These two highlights, which take place indoors, are among the most popular events. If this organization demands a lot of flexibility and involvement of all actors, it has been a choice of the ACT 47 committee in three editions, and the public greatly appreciates it. On the ring of honor will also be organized the competition for “young presenters” and many animations.

Vigilance related to “animal welfare” will be ubiquitous throughout the day with the composition of a mobile team dedicated solely to this cause.

There will be no sale of puppies because one of the principles of ACT47 is to promote contact, exchange between breeders and potential buyers and not to guarantee the acquisition “coup de coeur” so easily in front of a puppy, but too often difficult to assume afterwards. “Each breed has its specificities, it seems to us fundamentally that the acquisition of a new member of the family takes place under the best conditions and after complete information from enthusiasts of that breed” supports a member of ‘ACT 47. Permanent dog shows, free children’s entertainment, catering and refreshments, the show will be shown on Sunday in Villeneuve’s exhibition center. Please note that a confirmation meeting for all races will be held tomorrow, Saturday 28 May.

Admission 5 euros, free up to 12 years. For any information: 06 84 50 97 11 or 06 76 42 57 97 and on the website

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