What animals are useful in the garden and how to attract them? Focus on 7 wild species!

By planting trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables in your garden, you are actually creating an environment for dozens, if not hundreds, of different species. From small, microscopic bacteria that help plants grow, to mammals and birds that protect them. Of course, there are also creatures that live off your production and can quickly destroy it. So how do you know the difference when you’re not a zoologist? Here is a list of the most common useful animals in the garden that will help you without you even being aware of it.

Why promote biodiversity in the garden?

If you want a beautiful garden and abundant production, you need to understand the importance of wildlife. They are an important part of the food chain that creates the balance that everyone needs. If you stick to this idea, you will not need pesticides or insecticides, because nature will regulate itself. As a result, you will have tasty food and a chemical-free garden.

What animals are useful in the garden?

attract butterflies to the flower garden

A large group of animals that are beneficial to plant development are insects. Their job is to pollinate them so they can produce fruit. But we have already talked a lot about pollinators in the garden and how to attract them. So we’ll dedicate today’s article to amphibians, birds, and mammals that you probably do not see every day because they mostly feed at night. Here’s how to identify their presence and why you should keep them.

The squirrel

why the squirrel is useful in the garden how to care for it

Squirrels are more or less mysterious animals because their behavior has not yet been fully investigated. But one thing is for sure: they are the gardeners of the forest. If you have several trees in your garden, you may notice them. To make the place even more inviting to them, you can build a small house. They will thank you by spreading the seeds of your plants. Sure, squirrels will eat some of it, but they will bury a considerable amount in the ground.

The Hedgehog

Why promote biodiversity in the garden

If you have to deal with snails and slugs that constantly eat your juicy strawberries, then you need a hedgehog. It’s their natural enemy and your best friend in the garden. You will find more information on how to attract them and store them in your garden, in our article dedicated to this topic. Just be careful when mowing as they often hide in holes during the day and you can damage them. Should this happen, please take the hedgehog to the vet as this animal is already in danger of extinction.


toad in the garden what to do

Having toads in the garden is actually a good thing. It is therefore preferable to give them a small moist corner where they can hide during the day. And when night falls, they will clean your kitchen garden of insects, snails and other pests.

The birds

useful animals in the garden

Songbirds will not only make your garden a sonic and visual paradise, but they will also protect you from flying insects such as aphids and mosquitoes. On the other hand, there are also frog-eating birds, such as finches and sparrows. They contribute to the health of the garden by preventing weeds from taking over. So build a house for them, get some water on them and see how the biodiversity in your garden flourishes.

Birds of prey

biodiversity in my garden

Birds of prey in the garden are not so common, but it is good to know that they are useful animals. They are valuable as a means of combating rodents. Unfortunately, they can also be dangerous to small birds.

The turtle

useful animals in the sea turtle turtle

Here are a few more farm animals that you can attract to create a healthy environment. There are a few species of turtles that you may encounter in your garden. And it will be a miracle, because unfortunately this reptile is one of the most endangered wildlife in the world. But if you have that honor, you are lucky because its favorite foods are weeds like clover, stinging nettle, bindweed, plantain and sainfoin.

If you want the turtles to stay in the garden, give them a place where they can go to sleep in the fall. This can be a small pile of brush or dry leaves. They will dig a tunnel there and hide under it. In summer, turtles need a moist place where they can cool off during the day’s heat.


wild animals in the garden useful animals in the garden that eat insects

Bats have a really bad reputation, but in fact, these nocturnal mammals are your friends in the garden. In addition, they avoid human contact, so if you do not hunt them, there is no way to get close contact. In France, the most common type is the common pipistrelle, which is only 8 cm long. It feeds on insects at night, so if you want to get rid of mosquitoes, for example, you need to attract bats to your garden.

Like all other animals, bats need water and shelter. A small bird trough is therefore perfect for them. You can also build a bat house and hang it on a south wall or a tree.

Useful animals in the garden – beware!

useful animals in the garden that eat insects

It is beautiful and impressive to observe the habits of wild animals, but unfortunately it causes some people to keep them in captivity. Well, never do that! You’re endangering their lives. Do not forget that they also have children and that they need to return to their refuge to feed and care for them.

If you want to attract wildlife to the garden and thus promote biodiversity, you must also stop using chemicals. Choose natural products that stimulate production and ward off parasites.

Pesticides and herbicides not only kill the “enemies” but also endanger their predators mentioned above. Therefore, they are in danger and some of them are protected by law. And maybe you can not see it, but chemicals are absorbed in the same way by plant roots, which means they are also part of your meal. So by protecting biodiversity, you are also protecting your health.

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