Vernon. Courant d’art: an open-air exhibition by eight artists until 9 October

Exhibition of photos, sound elements, mural and sculpture. Until October 9, you can discover the works of the Courant d’art in Vernon (Eure). (© Le Démocrate vernonnais)

It seems that artists is out at Vernon (Eure). On one of columns of the Clémenceau Bridge, one of them has left traces of its passage. It’s actually one of working exhibited in the open air as part of the Courant d’art, a city walk that introduces Vernon through the eyes of artists.

For this second edition, the theme is nature. These eight works will be visible until October 9th. To dive into the world of artists, the Courant d’art will be marked by appointment and of met. In the meantime, here’s a taste of what this is art walk. An hour-long tour is scheduled for Sunday, July 24 at 7 p.m. 14.30.

The works are exhibited on the banks of the Seine, in the Jardin des Arts and in the Parc de la Fonderie in Vernon (Eure).
The works are exhibited on the banks of the Seine, in the Jardin des Arts and in the Parc de la Fonderie in Vernon (Eure). (© Short town hall)

In the garden of art

  • Nico Raddatz and his tower tree
    This tree is conceptual to say the least. Made with PVC pipes, painted in all colors: this is the mark of the Breton artist, the latter uses pipe pipes as material for his works inspired by land art. The wood made of plastic is five meters high and two meters in diameter.
  • Positive Biography, by Frédéric Grimaux and Rémy Brument-Varly

Biography positive is more than a work of art participating projectdesigned with the inhabitants of bustardsof Valmeux and Blancheres. Frédéric Grimaux, photographer, and Rémy Brument-Varly, author, completed a three-week stay there. The idea was to create a positive biography of its neighborhoods based on the memories of the inhabitants. The entire exhibition is visible from July 8 in the Jacques-Brel room at Espace Simone-Veil and in the family gardens.

Along the Seine

  • The nature plant Platane, at the crossroads between east and west
    This is not a human craft: it is, in fact, a majestic plane tree, shaped by Mother Nature. With its trunk of 5 meters in circumference, this tree of extraordinary dimensions does not go unnoticed and stands upright, against wind and tide. On the banks of the Seine, this plane tree survived World War II and witnessed Vernon’s development.
  • The exhibition Between Dog and Wolf by Marc Cellier

Marc Cellier is a photographer self-taught. For more than 20 years he has collaborated with the newspaper Release. He also works for Le Monde, Society magazine and has even made his services available to the French Embassy in Yemen. His work, Between Dog and Wolf, is a series of images of wild animals located in the middle of the city. He captures their interactions with this world that is very different from their natural environment.

  • The Vernon Harmony fresco by Seb Toussaint, on the banks of the Seine

At first glance, the work of Seb Toussaint, the mural, is an explosion of colors that seem inspired by street art. But with attention to detail, the mural has several references to Vernon. The blue represents the Seine and its movement, the purple patterns are inspired by the halos that can be seen on the wooden beams of the old buildings in Vernon, the green patterns represent the quincunx leaves of a weeping arrow, very present on the quay of the Sein is the water lily on its side inspired by the water lilies that can be seen in the Parc de la Fonderie.

Clemenceau bro

  • Yggdrasil, on the Pillar of the Clémenceau Bridge, by Marc Bati
    On one of the pillars of the Clémenceau bridge, Marc Bati has represented the tree of life Yggdrasil, inspired by Scandinavian mythology. This work was published on the cover of the magazine of the same name, Yggdrasil, shot on environmental issues.

Foundry Park

  • Aggregate by Chantal Destry, Estrella Silvestro and Steven Corre.
    Agrégat is a work that can be listened to. By spreading metallic sounds, it is reminiscent of the industrial past of the place, marked by melodies generated by plants.
    A special session (30 minutes) will be held on July 23 from 16.00 to 20.00 in the presence of the artists.
  • Bees and flies in the pond, by Clotilde Prévost
    The artist from Pontoise in the Val d’Oise wanted with his sculptures to pay homage to these small creatures that go unnoticed and yet are crucial to biodiversity. Clotilde Prévost’s little beast, made of metal, mirrors and other accessories, immediately becomes more important in her own universe. At the Parc de la Fonderie you will find a giant fly. To learn more about these creatures created by Clotilde Prévost, visit the Vernon Museum for the exhibition L’abeille fait mouche.
    Musical performance with Clotilde Prévost and Anouch Donabédian-Krikorian, 18 June at 17 in Parc de la Fonderie.

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