Covid-19 in Morocco: 162 new contaminations in 24 hours, no deaths and 1511 active cases

No deaths, 162 new cases of contamination and 134 recoveries were confirmed in the Kingdom on 28 and 29 May 2022. The still active cases amount to 1,511, while more than 6.4 million people have received the third dose. . Monitoring the pandemic in numbers.

New cases of contamination, remissions, number of screenings performed, vaccinations, etc. To learn more about the development of coronavirus in Morocco, click on this link:

In the Maghreb, Algeria does not communicate the number of screening tests, suggesting that the number of pollutants is much higher than the official figures. The last assessment stopped reporting 3 cases of contamination and no deaths. The country has a total of 265,873 cases of contamination, including 6,875 deaths and 178,407 recoveries.

In Tunisia, 573 new cases of contamination and 4 deaths have been registered. According to the latest available report, the country has collected 1,042,362 cases of pollution, including 28,632 deaths since March 2020.

In Mauritania, 10 cases of pollution have been recorded according to the latest available report. The country has registered 59,112 cases of Covid-19 contamination, including 982 deaths.

The number of “fever” cases in North Korea fell for the seventh day in a row on Friday, said the state media KCNA, which does not specifically cite Covid-19. The North Korean news agency KCNA on Friday reported just over 100,000 new cases of “fever”, as it is officially called Covid-19, down from the 390,000 daily reported cases at the beginning of the month.

The KCNA also reported a further death on Friday – bringing the total to 69 – and said the death toll remains at 0.002%. According to her, more than three million people have become ill from the “fever” since the authorities acknowledged its existence in North Korea on May 12.

In France, the number of contaminants and people hospitalized due to Covid-19 continued to fall on Friday, a sign of the continuing decline in the epidemic, according to figures released by Public Health France.

The daily average of new contaminations over 7 days, which even out the variations, was 17,705 on Friday against 26,447 the Friday before.

The fall, however, is a bit accentuated by the fact that Thursday was a public holiday. On Friday, only 4,811 new positive cases were registered against 21,234 on Thursday and 22,006 on Wednesday.

Japan has announced that it will reopen to tourists from 98 countries from June 10, ending more than two years of pandemic-related border closures, but travelers will only be able to enter groups.

The move comes after the government last week announced it would test travel packages for small groups of tourists from the US, Australia, Thailand and Singapore from this month.

The Philippine government has announced easing of border measures for foreign tourists as part of efforts to revive the economy.

As of Monday, May 30, vaccinated international travelers who have received at least one booster dose will no longer be required to take Covid-19 tests before arriving in the country, the government said in a statement.

Travel insurance is no longer mandatory, but is still strongly encouraged for arriving passengers, the board said, adding that “all types of vaccination certificates, regardless of their country of origin, will also be accepted.”

Since the Philippines opened its borders to foreign tourists, more than 517,000 visitors have visited the country in the period from February 10 to May 25, according to data from the Ministry of Tourism.

The pandemic has officially killed at least 6,310,627 people worldwide since the end of December 2019, according to a report established by AFP.

The United States is the country with the most deaths (1,031,259), ahead of Brazil (666,435), India (524,586) and Russia (378,955).

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, taking into account the excess mortality directly and indirectly associated with Covid-19, that the pandemic may be two to three times higher than officially established.

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