Tourism | Escape: on a cruise to discover the treasures of the Adriatic

USIt is characteristic of (long) journeys to bring back something completely different from what we went there to look for“. This quote from Nicolas Bouvier, Swiss author-traveler, could be the correct definition of a cruise that, in addition to the flight itself, promises this extra culture and posed curiosity in a unique environment. For all you have to do is cross the mantle and go aboard one of the CroisiEurope boats, which today take over the rivers of the world, but also certain sunny seas; with more than ever, suggestions for trips to choose from, mixed with accuracy, visits to museums, inspired gardens, secret places but also conferences or even tastings adorned with meetings with those who produce the specialties from the local terroirs.

In short, something that occupies your time and your mind! With the promise of sometimes getting our curiosity the source of what we are discovering, sometimes this feeling of being able to let go, the navigation time that we will without hesitation appreciate on the sun deck. That, depending on the circumstances, of “The Beauty of the Adriatic”, which for eight days will take us on the Adriatic to the rhythm of stopovers, between Croatia and Greece, via Albania and Montenegro. Who says better! Especially since nothing, as always, is left to chance on board the boats of the Alsatian company. Reception, the comfort of the cabins, the quality of the catering, the visiting program, the evening entertainment: everything is there to ensure that the cruise … has fun and is a real eye opener.

She benefits from this from the first hours. And with good reason, the meeting is scheduled in Dubrovnik (read above). Bordkajen is only a handful of minutes from the old town. Perfect for taking the pulse of the aperitif, and the discovery of its palaces, churches and other hidden treasures is in turn on the agenda for the next day.

We will then start sailing with views from the sun loungers on an oh so attractive coastline which will take us to Corfu late in the morning. Known for its beaches, water sports and other festivals popular with European youth, this Greek island is full of curiosities, such as the Palace of Mon Repos, which was the birthplace of the Duke of Edinburgh (husband of Queen Elizabeth II) or even its “capital”, whose beautiful patinated stones invite you to take a promising stroll.

Albania for a king’s feast

Still asleep, we are transported slowly to Saranda, the first Albanian stopover, where we will be invited to a royal party. Starting with the old Butrint. The first site in the country, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1992, is one of the grains of gold that we greatly enjoy visiting. How can one not be seduced by its history, its remnants – it has been inhabited since prehistoric times and was part of the Greek colonies – but also its environment and its rural atmosphere created by the lake?

Another setting, a different atmosphere with Girokastra. Nicknamed the City of Stone, it developed around its castle, which today offers, in addition to breathtaking views, weapons of all types that were used from the Middle Ages to World War II.

Back on board, the evening is set in the sign of folklore with a show by a troupe that wins all the votes. And who cares that the excursions the next day will require getting up at dawn. Because the happiness of strolling in Appolonia will be total as of overlooking Berat’s alleys. This “village museum” is one of the rare examples of architecture typical of the Ottoman period. As for its museum, located inside the church of Saint Mary Dormition, it houses a magnificent collection of icons signed by the great masters such as Onufri and his son Nikolla, David Selenica, Adam Kristo, Onufër Qiprioti or even Kostandin Shpataraku.

We find some of them the next day, at the National Museum in Tirana, the capital, which in less than thirty years has transformed into a modern, dynamic city with its trendy districts like Biloku.

The free afternoon will be appreciated for its fair value by those who have chosen to discover, at their own pace, Durres, where the boat stops, as well as those (the most numerous) who have preferred to take a relaxing break on the bridge. . History of recharging the batteries!

And yes, the cruise promises another day of magnificent discoveries, on Montenegro’s side, this time. The first takes place in the old town of Bar, clinging to the mountainside; and the mouth of the other Kotor. A marvel of nature, promised to leave unforgettable memories of a cruise rich in emotion.

CroisiEurope surfs trends …

Its expertise in the cruise world is well established. Like the friendliness, availability, closeness and professionalism of its staff on board, which customers do not fail to appreciate. And if CroisiEurope perpetuates its great classics on French and European rivers, it constantly renews itself by offering new experiences, such as this “Adriatic treasures” itinerary, which therefore allows you to sail along the coasts of 4 countries – Croatia, Montenegro , Albania, Greece – all supplemented by visits provided by French speaking guides. The next departure on this cruise is scheduled for September 11 (from € 1625).

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Dubrovnik, a sacred gem

Dubrovnik, the old Ragusa, the one that fights but never surrenders, an old city nurtured by Croatian nationalism and the flare-up from the Balkans, has against all odds remained “the pearl of the Adriatic”. Browse the 2 km of ramparts that dominate the magnificent palaces, the Dominican Monastery and the Franciscan Monastery, which protects a Gothic monastery, incredibly peaceful, or the cathedral with the treasury, which hides relics in gold and silver, is the best way to seize its countless facets , before getting lost in the maze of its flowery streets, filled with lively shops and stalls.

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