South Aveyron: hymns and other music resounded in the camp for the 13th DBLE

80 years ago, the soldiers of the 13th DBLE participated in the victory at the Battle of Bir Hakeim.

In this Ascension weekend, the Legion celebrated the Battle of Bir Hakeim, fought and won in the middle of the Libyan desert of France for sixteen days, from May 26 to June 11, 1942. The regiment’s open doors were an opportunity to honor the 13th DBLE who excelled there within the 1st Free French Brigade.

The parade on Friday night at the new place d’armes was a resounding success, in mild weather and under the spotlight lit at night. General Alain Lardet presided over the ceremony, and the hymns, bells, and marches were delivered by Music by the Foreign Legionwhich elevates the solemnity of the event.

It should be noted that within the framework of joint partnerships, seafarers who formed part of the crew of the nuclear attack submarine, the Suffren, were present. As with Camerone, an officer told the story of the Bir Hakeim fight and was remembered “the total gift from these warriors who fixed the enemy forces in this operational theater and who, through their commitment and their victory, enabled a decisive turning point in the war.”

A life-size demonstration was held in front of the public.

Ten decorated soldiers

Ten soldiers, including eight present, were honored for their extraordinary deeds in the service of their unit. They were seven to receive the cross for military bravery, two received the military medal and one the national defense medal.

The parade ended with a nightly parade of the companies present led by Colonel Aubry, the current commander of the 13th DBLE.

A demonstration was made to simulate a battle in which a group of soldiers take over an enemy camp with deliberately triggered incidents. A group then arrived by Puma helicopter as well as a dog team and a Griffon vehicle. This demonstration was intended to show that the response is proportional to the attack and the response, adjusted.

The 13th DBLE is looking for reservists

One stand attracted attention, namely the recruitment of reservists. The unit is regularly present at trade shows or other events. Recently, for example, the Legion participated in the Baraqueville Fair.

The company of reservists has a strength of 137 members and its leaders are actively seeking “young people between the ages of 17 and 25, preferably from the Aveyron employment area or neighboring wards”they point out.

These reservists need to be mobilized quickly, and the commitment is for a period of five years that can be extended, with reserve periods of 30 to 40 days a year taken on their vacations or through agreements with companies that undertake to release them at least five days a year.

The new staff is first trained (recruitment is very selective), so after two years they are sent to the Sentinel or provide guards at the regiment’s military bases. This choice for some “constitutes a stage before a commitment to the Legion”adds a frame.

Many activities were offered at the camp

Prior to this occasion, the regiment had acquired large and numerous inflatable games, enough to please both toddlers and adults. A small obstacle course was also intended for them.

Dressed up and dressed as soldiers, girls and boys had a blast.

A general fair atmosphere

A sculpture workshop led by Guilhem de Vitot gathered a good number of children, and the corps commander himself participated in the exercise.

In a general trade fair atmosphere, on the basis of music, the large crowd strolled from booth to booth: stand with corporals, wives, museum of the legion’s history with models in period clothes, pony riding, discovery of the Griffon vehicle, combat sports demonstration, etc.

The activities, many and varied, had something to satisfy everyone.

Miss Aveyron and boxing match

The highlight of the show, however, was the boxing match between legionaries at a good level, animated by three military internationals.

On this occasion, Miss Aveyron 2022 and her first second place were invited and were present for the presentation of the trophies. As for Saturday night, it was crazy with the Legionnaires’ ball.

In a place in the middle of which stood a small lighted tree, the three DJs belonging to the regiment set the dance floor on fire. “There’s necessarily a referee officer in the group, details of one of the DJs. And that’s one of our first times.”

Civilians and soldiers could thus relax and enjoy a long summer evening.

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