Stone sans Charden takes us on a journey through time with a collection of their best tracks

Stone is a singer and actress, inseparable from the duo Stone and Charden, which she formed in the early 70’s, and which had great success in France, especially with the titles: Fairy tale get cool, let the music go, The price of matches or Made in Normandy, all number one. Unfortunately, Éric Charden left us on April 29, 2012. And to pay tribute to him, ten years after his death, she published a collection of 22 issues: Stone and Charden.

franceinfo: What are you holding back from Éric Charden, from your intimate, personal and professional relationship?

Stone: But good! It was a very carefree, very happy time. We were very much in love so everything was fine. There was no problem.

A good meeting! This collection and the excitement it evokes shows that Stone and Charden have become cults. A couple rooted in the collective memory of the French music scene. What does all this mean for you? People are really looking and there.

It was very amazing.

I had never imagined at the time that 50 years later we are still talking about these songs that they would remain so present, especially in people’s hearts.

It is true that by doing shows, you realize that it is completely connected to the events of life, joyful, happy. It is always related to parties, birthdays, many things!

You were born: ‘Annie Gautrat’, a little to music with your mother who was an operetta singer. Is it her who will pass on the love of music to you?

My mother was a singer. She sang very well and she always took me to shows and she was very into the variation of time.

As a child, your friends already gave you the nickname: ‘Little Stone’ because of your hairstyle. That was what gave you your stage name, Stone. Was it important to find one?

It was also a way to stand out a little bit because it’s true that one should find a look and I got this idea. I stole the hairstyle from Brian Jones and saw my friends’ nickname, “little stone”, it is necessarily “Stone” that was left.

In 1966, you enter a “Miss Beatnik” contest that you win. Your blonde and your blue eyes will get more than one crack and especially a member of the jury called Éric Charden. Is it a thunderbolt?

No way. Absolutely not. It took longer. No, Eric had not even voted for me! The first few times, I did not really see him as anyone available. It took some time for us to get to know each other and where he was very strong was that he informed me that he was a songwriter and I was waiting to find someone to make songs. He arrived at the right time.

You will fall in love with each other. It’s going to be a very, very fused, very strong love story. Was it passion after all?

Yes completely. We were very happy. Everything went well. We had the chance to earn a living, even before we made the duo, when the duo was born five years after our marriage.

How did this duo come about?

So copying Sonny and Cher a little bit, that was kind of an idea. I was on contract with a record company, and then we were on a song with Éric, who at the time was working with Thomas and Riva, his favorite writers. They wrote a song called: The only baby who does not cry and someone suggested Éric to intervene in the song, to put a voice, because in the beginning it was a song for me, all alone. At that time we said:Well, let’s try, we’ll see what happens “. So there. And we were the first to be surprised by the enthusiasm for this song. And from there we said that now we will have to make a full duet song!

It will provide: The adventure. It’s funny because he wants Carlos and Joe Dassin to listen to this song, which means it’s not going to work. But it really becomes a hit by becoming number one.

Success comes from the public.

Already in the beginning, when it came out on the radio, everyone threw it in the trash. It was paralyzing. We had the chance to make such a small TV show because the press secretary was trying to get us to promote ourselves. Then there was this TV show that was the trigger. People started asking for the counter.

No one expected you to break up after all. Was it hard for you to live?

No, not so much. We would not pretend to be together. At one point, the separation was made, and then we had to move on. We had nothing to blame ourselves for, neither one nor the other, so the separation went smoothly.

How would you define this duo, Stone and Charden, knowing that it affected several generations?

I would never have considered that at the time, because it was really unthinkable. There was a magic side, really incredible.

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