Bafa, travel … Campus in the countryside supports youth projects

[CC Parthenay-Gâtine, Deux-Sèvres, 38 communes, 37 400 hab.]

“During our imprisonment, we organized a six-month mobility workshop with an agent from the local mission to support eight young people in learning the motorway code. With financial support, five have received their driving licenses to date,” said Denis Thibeaudeau, a youth lecturer at the Sociocultural Center. in the Ménigoutais country (CSPM) The initiative is implemented within the framework of the project campus set up in 2015.

That year, the new municipal community (CC) Parthenay-Gâtine established a territorial project with, among other things, goals to be attractive to young people.

Guidance, interviews …

The territorial and rural balance center pays de Gâtine Parthenay, of which CC is a part, was then the winner of the Future Investment Program “innovative projects for the benefit of young people” from the National Agency for Urban Renovation, “with first and foremost, a diagnosis of young people, the goal of better involving them in actions that concern them and strengthening the partnership with youth actors ”, sums up Alexandre Martin, Vice President of Interco, responsible for Youth and Citizenship.

CC then launched a rural campus of projects following the recommendation of the Cese report “Place of young people in rural areas” (2017) four places: Ménigoute and Thénezay, opened in 2020, Secondigny, this year, and Parthenay, next time year, which should be the leader of the network. A youth policy coordinator and four youth advisers were recruited at the same time by four partners, namely CSPM, the Familles Rurales association, the Parthenay employment and business center. this month, as well as the social center in Châtillon-sur-Thouet.

The four campuses have the same charter with four goals for young people: the attractiveness of the territory, enabling young people to live there, supporting the digitalisation of forms of work and “promoting economic, cultural and social activities, projects citizens and initiatives”, states the elected official.

The actions are several. Some are individual. In terms of education, the interco finances twelve to fifteen places a year in preparation for Bafa, with an obligation, for young people, to work in the area’s leisure center. CSPM supports young people in learning English.

With its “Info jeunesse” label, it also guides them in terms of education, health and employment by using documentation in digital or paper format. The “In’System” scheme allows young school dropouts to be received in individual interviews.

Integration projects in organic horticulture

On the employment side, CSPM offers integration projects in organic horticulture. In Thénezay, the “youth guarantee” system for the employment center and company-supported projects, it has been replaced by the youth employment contract (accompaniment to find a job) with the same goal. Thus, for a month, five young people have benefited from support for the creation of CVs and cover letters as well as trust-building coaching workshops and are currently in internships.

Other actions are collective, such as the escape game on the Thénezay campus on the theme of sexuality and girl-boy relationships. Elsewhere, “a group of eleven young people went to Nepal in late February to make a film about the tiger, which they will present at the Ménigoute Animal Film Festival in October,” said the elected official. 1,000 euros, animates the campus. “

The focal point is indeed the youth rapporteur, who benefits from his network. “Unlike the Pôle emploi adviser or the local mission, he takes to meeting young people who also want to attend a campus just to meet up with friends,” appreciates the vice president.

Contact : Alexis Bailly, Youth Coordinator,

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