BTS A Management and Protection of Nature: Discover a training in step with the time at IET

Environmental issues concern more and more young people who want to make sense of their studies. Through the BTS A Management and Protection of Nature (GPN) by IET, hundreds of students are educated each year in the subjects environmental protection and work in favor of sustainable development. And why not you?

Department of Environment and Ecological Transition Professions (IET) in a few words

The establishment was founded in 1995 and is a pioneer in environmental issues. IET made the winning bet of opening its doors at a time when the theme of sustainable development did not enjoy the same academic impact as it does today. In just over 25 years, the school has educated many students in careers in ecology and green economics. Today, it can count on a network of more than 1,600 alumni.

IET offers education ranging from bac +2 to bac +5 based on an innovative and professionalizing pedagogy. As such, the school is proud to rely on the privileged relationships it has been able to create with local economic actors, thanks to its Nantes and Lyon campuses.

Why join BTS A Management and Protection of Nature?

More and more students want to get involved in defending the environment. In response to this phenomenon, we see the emergence of training with a focus on sustainable development and ecology. Among them, BTS A Management and Protection of Nature, taught in Lyon, is a must.

Integrating training that makes sense

BTS A GPN stands out for its ecological dimension, which is more than ever in harmony with the times. Participating in this training shows a strong commitment and a desire to make things happen. As a student, the search for meaning within his study and his professional project is necessary to flourish fully. Therefore, it is important to move towards a sector in accordance with its values ​​and ambitions.

Becoming a member of the EIT is an opportunity to feel useful and value your investment for a greener world. Professional education par excellence, BTS A GPN is a great gateway to environmental professions.

Enjoy an innovative and professionalizing pedagogy

Pleasure with your studies is essential to maintaining your motivation on a daily basis. With this in mind, IET is dependent on an innovative pedagogy based on support and encouragement. School on a human scale, the closeness between students and teachers is greatly favored.

During their BTS A Management and Protection of Nature, students explore many disciplines such as:

  • basic and applied ecology;
  • Economics and Law;
  • information research and processing;
  • area development;
  • ecological technology.

In addition to the disciplines covered, it is above all the way of teaching that makes IET singularity. In addition to several group work, the school actually sets up academic modules throughout the course. These are based on concrete cases and invite students to get fully involved. This consists, for example, of environmental project management exercises or interventions with school groups with the aim of increasing their awareness of ecology.

The academic dimension is also central within the school and this BTS. Thanks to the network it has built over the years, IET emphasizes the importance of exchanges between its students and professionals from the environmental sector present around their Lyon campus. This is particularly evident through an internship period of between 12 and 16 weeks, during which students can translate the knowledge acquired during the year.

Enjoy a rich and dynamic student life

BTS A GPN is taught in Lyon, a city known – among other things – for its ecological investment, its hectic student life and its dynamic economic activity.

Integrated within a campus of 23 schools, the IET benefits from a school on a human scale (proximity to teachers, etc.) while being housed in a large-scale structure. Students have plenty of time to navigate between an incubator, an info library and more learning laboratories, lecture halls and classrooms made available to them. Studying on this campus is also the perfect opportunity to discuss and rub shoulders with students from other areas!

Finally, we can mention the possibility of becoming a member of IET’s Student Union (BDE). In addition to the festive events, it is a way to get involved in a club or to carry out various projects focusing on protecting the environment.

Complementary phase of Parcoursup, the ideal time to participate in IET

Following the publication of the results of orientation requests, Parcoursup opens an additional phase. This runs from June 23 to September 16, 2022 and allows students to reconsider their choices. For anyone who wants to integrate training in ecology and build their professional project around a strong commitment, this is the ideal opportunity to join IET and its BTS A GPN.

Access to this education is possible after obtaining a general, professional or technological matriculation examination. The admission procedures are based on the validation of the candidate’s dossier, but also, and above all, on his motivation. Note that an interview is also planned for profiles over 26 years of age.

A pioneering school in ecology and sustainable development, IET offers undergraduate degree holders the opportunity to integrate a course that meets the motivations and challenges of the young generation. With an innovative pedagogy and an important local network, the department prioritises the development and employability of its students.

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