Nizier-le-désert – Campsite threatened by moratorium

The municipality wants to block the tourist use of the place. A decision that many users dispute and which leaves the manager disappointed.

Five hundred and seventy-three signatures collected in 4 days. The petition, launched by Claire Benoit against the closure of the Nizière campsite in Saint-Nizier-le-Désert, got off to a strong start! Since the municipal council approved a moratorium on suspending the public service delegation (DSP) for the tourist area for two years, dissatisfaction has grown in the population of the small town and the surrounding area. “It’s a charming place I like to go there with my kids to go there, spend a day there. Where are we going to go if it closes at the end of the year?Asks a mother from Villars-les-Dombes, who has signed the petition.

Seven city council members approved the controversial discussion, five others voted against and two others finally did not decide. “Everyone was amazed at this move …“, writes Claire Benoit. A few days before the city council vote, the municipality had arranged a public meeting about the future of the domain in question. According to the petitioner, the residents present would have expressed a desire to maintain the campsite and its restaurant.”Unfortunately, we were not listened to“, Mourns the resident.

Tourism development

The decision by the municipality, the owner of the 23 hectares with the two ponds that the domain covers, will cause the municipality of Dombes, the owner of the company, to position itself. The municipality entrusts the management of public equipment to a private manager via a public service delegation. The five-year contract expires on December 31, 2022. According to an elected official from a local community near Saint-Nizier-le-Désert, the topic was raised at the last conference of mayors of the municipalities in the inter-communality. this last “has invested a lot in the site“, Remembers one of the city council members.

In addition, the director of society has an ambitious tourism development policy for Dombes, which in particular aims to increase the number of nights sold and thus the revenue from the tourist tax. In this context, “it would not be logical to deprive oneself of the campsite“, notes this elected representative. Patrick Mathias, Vice-President responsible for tourism, simply states that there are two options for municipalities:”Either it relaunches a tender for a new DSP, or it agrees with the municipality of Saint-Nizier to manage the campsite directly“. The rumors circulating inside and outside the village about the future of the place evoke a project about a Marpa (nursing home), a public park or even a solar park. Remember that on September 16, 2021, the city council had decided a moratorium on any project of. this species in the territory of the DOM.

Laurent Pourrières, the manager, does not hide his disillusionment. Since taking over the public equipment, the activity has evolved and its operating results “were pretty good“, he says.

In 2020, the first year of the health crisis, its turnover excluding tax € 178,626, which is significantly higher than in 2019 (€ 110,655). That year, the housing services had experienced a large turnout. Last year, from June to September, the estate received about 6,000 adults, according to Laurent Pourrières. And bookings for this summer are encouraging. The entrepreneur has installed 8 light holiday homes (HLL) at his own expense to adapt his offer to the tourists’ comfort needs. He hoped to be able to continue developing the activity, but the choice of town hall cuts the rug out from under him. “I do not want to work against the grain«, He insists.

Jean-Paul Courrier: “We will never sell this place!”

The mayor of the municipality of Saint-Nizier-le-désert and also the vice-president of the community, Jean-Paul Courrier, provide details on this sensitive issue.

• The moratorium: “The council did not vote for a moratorium for a period of two years, but an indefinite period. This will depend on the projects that will arise about the future of the place. We want to give ourselves time for reflection”. The uncertainty about the future of the Domaine de la Nizière stems from the delay taken by the municipalities to renew its public service delegation for the operation of tourist facilities. To put it simply, the inter-municipal does not know exactly what it will do on Nizière. Hence the municipality’s desire to extend the reflection to other projects.

• The solar park project: “The idea would be not to establish a solar park on all ponds on the Estate, but to experiment on a part of the pond, the impact of the solar panels on biodiversity”.

• A sale ? “The city will never sell this property! When I started this mandate, I committed not to sell Domaine de la Nizière”. Jean-Paul Courrier assures that he wants to maintain his access to the public.

The mayor also declares that he will keep the restaurant. The elected official is upset about the petition launched on the Internet and regrets the “nonsense” spread on social networks.

The good will

70 spacious and shaded motorhome and caravan pitches (100 m2 or more);

60 pitches for lawn tents;

two toilet blocks with hot water;

a service area for motorhomes;

and 260 m3 swimming pool;

a snack bar.

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