A demonstration Saturday in Sillery to condemn the closure of a dog park

The announcement of the closure of a dog park in Sillery, by Quebec Mayor Bruno Marchand on Tuesday, angered users who are holding a demonstration on Saturday to try to reverse the decision.

“It’s over. The experiment is over […] It does not work anymore, “said the mayor on Tuesday morning, giving rise to the neighbors of Saint-Yves Park, who have been complaining about the noise for a while. The closure is “imminent”, but the date is not yet known.

“It was a pilot project, but a dog park in an urban context like this has a wealth of consequences. When there is too much proximity, it creates these problems. There are other dog parks that operate in Quebec and with which we do not have the same level of dissatisfaction, ”he said, referring in particular to Pointe-aux-Lièvres.

This decision, which was quickly confirmed by the mayor during a press conference at the Delta Hotel, on the sidelines of another announcement, provoked his share of reactions during the day. Critics of the dog park are relieved as dog owners cry ugly and condemn the park’s neighbors’ intolerance and the Marchand administration’s’ short-sighted ‘decision.

Disturbed Silence

Hèlène Godbout lives near the park. She says she wanted to give the runner a chance when the pilot project was launched in October last year. But “it turned out to be awful,” she says. “All the rules that have been put in place to keep the residents calm have been violated. The only rule that I have seen respected is to pick up dog excrement.

The shout at all hours of the day – between kl. 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. and even longer, she says – disrupting her quality of life to the point where she and a group of fifteen other citizens planned to go to court to enforce. the city to close the dog room.

Mayor Marchand’s decision is not a “great victory” in his eyes, but a relief. “I can not say that I am satisfied with the decision. Our neighborhood is still divided, and I’m sorry. We used to be a nice united neighborhood and now there are two clans and that’s a shame.

Annie Bilodeau, another resident who lives near the park, is also upset that such a “senseless, defiant understanding” project in the middle of a residential area could have been so “divisive.” “The dog park is so close [des maisons]. The nuisance is safe for the local residents. ”

The resistance is organized

Normand Bergeron, a user of the first hour of this new park, laments the “fabric of falsehood” and “lies” of the residents of the sector who managed to bend the city of Quebec.

“There was an incredible evil belief. People were ready to do anything to build a cause and close the park. I would have respected the decision if it was based on verifiable facts. The biggest noises we hear are the children in the school in the morning, at noon and in the evening, watched the baseball matches, but it does not bother them, “he responded in an interview and promised to arrange a demonstration, from Saturday at the Park.

He hopes that at least 60 to 100 dog owners – perhaps even more – will prove to condemn the Marchand administration’s decision to end the pilot project before the deadline. “We had solutions to offer, but there was never any dialogue.”

“The cohabitation that the mayor talks about presupposes tolerance. I’m coming from the park tonight … there were seven dogs and it went admirably well. There are dozens of park users who were happy. It was a place of socialization, ”explains Mr Bergeron, who is also considering the legal way to challenge the closure of the park.

“There are 4 dog parks now in Quebec. In Montreal there are 63 I think. It’s embarrassing to see the relationship that exists. And if we’re talking about putting dog parks in industrial areas, we’re completely stupid.

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