Choked animals, accidents, sausages forgotten on the fire … The various facts about this Thursday in Auvergne in brief

A barn destroyed in a fire in Courpière

For an as yet unknown reason, a fire ravaged an adobe agricultural barn this Thursday, June 2, at a place called “Courtesserre”, in the town of Courpière. Warned around 2.50pm, firefighters remained at the scene well into the afternoon. The fire completely destroyed the unused building and spread to the roof of an adjoining dwelling, which had stood uninhabited for several years. Representatives of the Courpière town hall went to the site. The investigation was handed over to the gendarmes of the brigade community in Lezoux.

Three suspected dealers arrested in Clermont-Ferrand.

Three young men in their twenties, suspected of selling drugs, were arrested on Tuesday afternoon by police officers from the anti-crime group. It was a buyer arrested on Avenue de l’Union Soviétique who allowed officials to follow in their footsteps. During the searches of the three suspects’ homes, police found a few pieces of resin, 350 euros and all the dealer’s equipment. Once released after their custody, they must appear in court on April 13, 2023.

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Collision between two vehicles in Diou

On Wednesday, June 1, at 5:55 p.m., a vehicle driven by a man who had fallen asleep at the wheel collided with another car, which was coming in the opposite direction at the old post office in Diou. The other vehicle was driven by a woman carrying a baby a few months old. The three people were transported to Moulins Hospital Center for examinations.

Collision between two cars in Beaulon

While a driver was about to turn left on the D164, Wednesday, June 1, her vehicle was hit by another level with the D779. It was led by a man living in Romania. The driver complained of neck pain and was taken to Moulins Hospital for examinations. The other motorist is unharmed.

Wounded by a cow in Montbeugny

Just before one o’clock in the morning, Thursday 2 June, a cattle transporter in the Sicagieb agricultural share had his right forehead bone cut open. A cow kicked to the door of the cattle wagon it was about to enter, and the door hit the man’s head. He was transported to Moulins Hospital.

Burglary for a little money in La Chapelle-aux-Chasses and for tools in Saint-Menoux

Late in the morning, Thursday, June 2, the resident of a house located in a village of Chapelle-aux-Chasses found his porch open on his return. All rooms are searched by the burglar (s). But nothing of value was stolen, only some change.

On the night of Wednesday, June 1, to Thursday, June 2, an uninhabited dwelling under construction was visited in Saint-Menoux. Tools, a welding machine and household appliances were stolen.

A cat and a dog were strangled after a fire in Moulins

On Tuesday morning, May 31, an apartment in the H des Champins building caught fire, killing two people: a dog and a cat. For still indefinite reason, the fire would have started from the glass-ceramic plates present in the kitchen, the only room that burned. The fire was brought under the control of neighbors before firefighters arrived. The two animals had sought refuge in a room next door and died of suffocation due to the fumes. The building was evacuated. The ten residents were able to return to their homes late in the morning after CO2 checks carried out by firefighters in Moulins.

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Alcoholic, he forgets the sausages on the fire in Saint-Étienne-de-Maurs

During the night from Wednesday to Thursday around 12.30, gendarmes and firefighters broke into an apartment in Saint-Étienne-de-Maurs that was called by two people. When they heard an alarm from their neighbor, they became concerned and found a 24-year-old man asleep when his gas stove emitted heavy smoke. It seems that after a festive evening, the young man would make sausages on the pan and fell asleep, leaving them on the fire. As a precaution, he was transported to Aurillac Hospital.

Car versus truck in Saint-Cernin

This Thursday around 5pm on the detour to the Girgols in the town of Saint-Cernin a truck and a car driven by an 80-year-old man collided. The eight-year-old, who would have fallen asleep, was transported to Aurillac Hospital Center.

Road exit at Trizac

While driving on the RD678 in Trizac, around 2pm on Thursday, a car driven by an 84-year-old woman came off the road. The eight-year-old was transported to the Mauriac hospital center by Riom-ès-Montagne firefighters for inspection.

General-de-Gaulle boulevard accident in Mauriac

This Thursday, around 4.45pm, the boulevard du Général-de-Gaulle in Mauriac, a car with two people on board left the road. A 72-year-old woman was transported to Mauriac Hospital Center by Mauriac firefighters for inspection.

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