Generations Leprevost, Badminton from the inside and a trip to the Mescam breeding on the program in the latest issue of the magazine GRANDPRIX

One month after their respective coronations at the French Championships in Fontainebleau, Penelope Leprevost and her daughter Eden Leprevost Blin-Lebreton are on the cover of the magazine GRAND PRIX! This June issue will also delight fans of eventing, who will be able to relive the mythical CCI 5 * -L in Badminton with the French owners, and dressage, which will discover Antoine Nowakowski’s career. On the breeding side, it is the story of the Mescam affix that is traced, as well as the itinerary of the young Gin Fizz des Matis, while Bernard Le Courtois shares his knowledge of the award-winning horses at the Longines World Cup final in Leipzig. Full overview below.


Eden at your fingertips

Instead of passing the torch on, Pénélope Leprevost prepares to run with her daughter, Eden. When the matriculation exam is in his pocket in a few weeks, the young 18-year-old from Normandy intends to dedicate himself to riding with his mother, an Olympic team champion. An ingenious student, the Amazon did not hesitate a second before she chose to throw herself headlong into her consuming passion, despite the reluctance of those around her. Eden, who is undeniably talented, has not yet known a course that is always worthy of the eponymous garden, and learned the requirement until he reached the coveted title of champion of France Pro 1 in April last year in Fontainebleau. Met at CSIO 5 * in La Baule, in parentheses in her reviews, the young woman responded enthusiastically and gently to questions from GRANDPRIX.

Badminton, meet in a land of emotions

After two years of absence due to the health crisis, the CCI 5 * -L in Badminton, the indisputable Mecca of events, signed its big comeback from 5 to 8 May in England. About 170,000 spectators, a true human tide, vibrated in unison with the exploits of the horses and riders involved in this edition of all records. Among them French horse owners, many of whom have had this crazy experience for the first time. Seven of them agreed to talk about it, not without emotion.

Antoine Nowakowski, a polytechnic rider

There are high-level arrivals that are more resounding than others. That of Antoine Nowakowski is one of them. At the age of thirty, the rider lived in Belgium and his main mare Quater Girl was completely unknown to the general public until April, when they won the Grand Prix du CDI 3 * de Sint-Truiden, and then took fifth place in the 4 * CDI. at Le Mans. However, the pair had already taken second place in the French seven-year-old championship in 2020 … A first step towards top level?

Valentine Lenormand, the rising star of French driving

With almost twenty-two years old, and almost as many years spent in contact with horses, Valentine Lenormand continues to shine even more in her favorite discipline: driving. Eurélienne really boasts an impressive track record, recently improved with her third and second places in teams and individually at the European Championships in Sélestat last August, with the reins of her dazzling pony Uderzo des Templiers. If horses occupy a large part of her daily life, the young leader has no call to professionalize himself, and prefers to practice his sport out of pure passion.


Raised by Mescam, one coincidence after another?

Even though it stopped its activities just ten years ago, Mescam breeding is perhaps more than ever in the spotlight thanks to Tolède de Mescam * Harcour’s remarkable performance with Kevin Staut, jumping leader, French obstacles. After producing more than three hundred products, the Breton farm was founded in the late 1970s by Patrick Rabot, who had always dreamed of becoming a breeder if he was not destined to do so. Talent or coincidence – he prefers the second option – enabled this former shipbuilding architect to experience amazing successes, which he has agreed to return to.

Gin Fizz des Matis, an explosive cocktail

As one of the young horses with the best clear rate of the last two years, Gin Fizz des Matis has everything of a future star. Born as part of a breeding mare rental, and the fruit of a story with a romantic spirit, the six-year-old gelding is on his way to still be the pride of his rider Arnaud Bourdois and his owner and co-breeder Estelle Polette. .

A new team and new challenges for Selle Français pedigree

On April 28, the pedigree Selle Français was held the traditional general meeting. In addition to the moral and financial reports, it was an opportunity to renew part of the board. A symbol of the association’s dynamics, the vote enabled the election of about twenty new administrators, committed and passionate men and women. Significant challenges await them in the coming months and years, as explained by Pascal Cadiou, President renewed for a third term.

Also find the chronicle Histoire de dire by Bernard Le Courtois, whose title is: “Crossing stars is not the alpha and the omega”.


A horse on a samurai

Until August 29, the Guimet Museum presents an exhibition entitled “Art and the Sword, Japan’s Warrior Fantasy”. If these two weapons undeniably form the equipment of the famous samurai, whose representation and aura of the collective imagination through the ages form unity in this museographic presentation, they could count on another great asset: the horse. Within the exhibition, a print then takes its place. But far from seeing a warrior in the saddle during a decisive assault, we discover a horse carried on the shoulders of a samurai … Focus on a work.

Find the usual page with literary recommendations from the editorial staff, as well as the Trends pages, the meeting place for fashion enthusiasts!


How to prevent and treat summer whims?

Dry hooves, emphysema, skin harassed by insects and sun, dehydration, lameness, persistent effort during the competition season … And many more! In good weather, horses can be exposed to all sorts of ailments, which it is a good idea to be aware of in order to prevent and treat them.

Expert advice

Who says summer says sun, but also all the ailments that come with it: insects, emphysema, lameness, strained movement, dryness that can lead to hydration or hoof problems … GRANDPRIX interviewed various specialists who gave their expert advice.

Equip yourself to climb in complete serenity

Approaching zero risk. Riding of “personal protective equipment” (PPE) such as helmets, vests and airbags – supported by safety hoops – strives to offer riders as much safety as possible in their training. Between approval, questioning and rejection, the readers of GRAND PRIX shared their experiences through an online study, developed in collaboration with Horse Development, a marketing and strategy consulting firm specializing in the world of horses.

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