Philippe Le Pont (Animalist Party) wants to protect the “living” in the Thiers-Ambert circle (Puy-de-Dôme)

Former councilor in Maringues and councilor for Plaine Limagne, the 69-year-old man will defend people, animals and nature.

What idea do you have about the role of deputy?

As a former trade union activist with national responsibility, former regional councilor and group president of the Île-de-France regional council and also elected municipal and community representative, I already have extensive experience working in assemblies: presenting texts, working in committees, amendments, plenary debates and votes . It is in this very classical way that the values ​​we defend will be proposed and debated.

What are the reasons for your involvement in this campaign within the party that is yours?

I am a lifelong environmental activist. I have always prioritized the protection of the environment, nature, wildlife and domestic animals as my priorities. Defending humans, animals and nature are inseparable causes.

How do you intend to make the territory exist in the National Assembly?

In order for it to exist and defend it, it is necessary to act in the National Assembly, but also and above all to transform local economic, agricultural and environmental practices. Prohibit concentration camp farming and intensive agriculture, bring producers closer to consumers, make our territory an example in terms of protecting nature, animals and energy savings.

What will be your “red thread” theme in five years?

The common thread in the next five years of office will be the protection of living things as a whole. Protection of wildlife and domestic animals, of course, but also of natural environments by combating all attacks on the environment and biodiversity. I will oppose the indulgence of thousands of dogs and cats every year, against animal trafficking or the use of animals in circuses, bullfights or cockfights and for banning all forms of hunting.

What is your position on purchasing power?

It all depends on what you mean by purchasing power. There are people today who lack everything and even the absolute minimum to survive. For this category, it is urgent to act through specific assistance and through a better distribution of the wealth produced. I do not want to support a policy that favors environmentally destructive consumption, such as mass tourism, which is partly responsible for global warming.

If you had to make a bill, what would it be?

Livestock for meat consumption is the primary cause of global warming. From the beginning of my term of office, I will propose a text to limit meat consumption by obliging all local authorities and collective catering as a whole to offer vegetarian meals every day. This text will also propose information campaigns to the public to explain the importance of this law and encourage them to adopt a diet that is more respectful of animals and nature.

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